Leading up to the Breaking of Winter.

The past few weeks have kind of been crazy with Thanksgiving, finishing up school/finals, packing up + getting back out here to Ohio(!!) for the holiday break. But I did manage to document some of the activities that took place during that time. So here we go. (:

1. Roomies (+Andrew) went to see Debbie (middle) perform in an orchestra concert in the HFAC. She did fantastic rockin out on her violin, obviously.

2. Post-concert, we all returned home to set up our Christmas decorations (finally!). Some of us just goofed around while the rest of us (ahem, Katherine + I) did all of the work... 

Oh, and Aaron stopped by briefly - just in time for us to put on our English Christmas tree-decorating hats...! 

Our Charlie Brown tree. It only fell down five times or so because it was too thin for the stand...thank goodness for tall hometeachers. (: 

3a. We celebrated the last day of classes!! Meaning I celebrated by getting a picture with my world-famous religion professor, Susan Easton Black. Click on her name to learn just a snippet more about her...she's beyond fantastic. 

3b. I went with Micae to see The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey at the SCERA Center for the Arts - and saw my good friend in real life, Jonathan (not Toomey) in the performance! I had no idea he was acting in it...small world. (: 

4. Some of my roomies + I (Debbie, Katherine + Miriam) decided to spend our first official day of no more class by preparing and studying for finals going to Temple Square to see the lights! The temple looked perfectionary, nothing new! 

There were (as always) tons of beautiful nativities from all over the world, including the one below on the reflecting pond right in front of the temple, and a bunch of other ones all over the place. 

They also had these white paper bags lining the entire grounds - all decorated with these intricate designs that said some kind of holiday greeting in over a dozen different languages. Mega cool. 

We even got a nice picture in front of the temple (just don't zoom in too much, or you're in danger of seeing how pink our noses are from the cold!)...and had a random standby jump into one of them, adorable. 

Just love my roomies. (: 

5. The next day (Saturday) we celebrated the Christmas season by having our ward Christmas party! Complete with lots of yummy eats, card-writing, talent-showcasing (check out Debbie playing her violin in one of the photos!), and of course plenty of socializing with some good amigos. 

6. And, naturally, after surviving (most) of my finals for the week, I just had to take a study break to take my good friend Leah (my co-actor from The Hundred Dresses) to her 1st official Y-land visit!! Verdict: She's HOOKED. Mission accomplished! 

Oh, also - I got my hair cut. (: I haven't been able to cut my hair since we got cast for the show back in April (director's orders!) so, naturally, the soonest I could after our last performance I headed on over to the Paul Mitchell School to get my hair all chopped up. (:

Aaand that about sums things up to the present time! I managed to (barely) survive finals week with working almost 40 hours at the Testing Center and taking my own finals as well, and ended up on a flight back home to Ohio by Saturday, exactly a week ago from today! The past week has been filled with lots and lots of family time and it's crazy to think I'm already heading back to Utah for winter semester in just a week + a day from now...time flies! But for now, at least, this much will have to suffice.

Merry Christmas! From all of us. (:

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  1. list of things i love:
    -your adorable christmas tree
    -if you actually used those balls as earrings
    -temple square lights
    -those light paper bags with messages!!
    -us / our family picture


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