This is Halloween.

Halloween this year was probably the most enjoyable/memorable I have ever had in my 20 years of life, for a multiplicity of reasons. (:

To really start things off Halloween weekend, Saturday night we had a quad-ward Halloween party at the Colony apartment complex. I went with my roommates (minus Karmila) and we had a grand ole time getting all dolled up at home and then dancing + partying the night away!

Micae, Miriam, me, Katherine, Debbie

Take a wild guess as to what we each are!

We met up with lots of friends from the ward at our party and we all just danced danced danced until the world ended (aka until 11pm because Provo has noise restrictions, but that's okay).

After the party subsided, a few of us went to another house party, and then over to The Hartford to hang out for the rest of the night.

The next day (Sunday) we had stake conference! Wahoooooo. There were two sessions (one at 2pm and another at 6pm), so in the morning all us roommates decided to bake a bunch of Halloween-esque goods and invite our ward members over in between sessions to socialize and eat!

Pumpkin Spice Bars - by me (recipe here)

7-Layer Bars by Katherine

Trick-or-Treat Brownie Cupcakes - by me (recipe here)

Reese's Chocolate Cookies - by Micae

Leftover Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins from the day before - by Katherine

Leftover Cinnamon Rolls - by Micae

It was so so fun! Lots of amigos came and ate and complimented our domestic skills.

So fun. Then a few of us drove up to the second session (PS all of conference was stellar!) and enjoyed even more (stake-provided) refreshments after. Somehow we managed to get home and eat some form of dinner (real food for the first time all day) around 9pm haha.

The next day, Monday (actual Halloween!) campus was filled with people dressed up in all kinds of crazy costumes from The Kool-Aid Man to The Sexy Saxophone Player. Hilarious. The kids in my theatre classes got especially dressed up...haha. I love theatre (:

After school + helping out with another brain study (remember this??) on campus...I headed home in just barely enough time to get ready for dressing-up night #2 - for our friends' concert at Velour.

I had to change my costume to being something where I could put my hair up, since my hair was all wet and gross from the watery-goo that the EEG is dipped in so the sensors can work...so naturally, I was a runner (;

We had lots of fun dancing around/hanging out with some of our other friends in the ward that were there and watching our friends in The Campaign perform (Aaron + Tom especially - - the bassist and keyboardist)

Naturally though, Aaron's mustache stole the show.

So so fun. After we left the concert, we headed back home and stopped for a bit at The Hartford again since that's where our real ward activity was going on (whoops!) - a trunk-or-treat activity with our bishopric members. We chatted for a bit with some straggling ward amigos and then hoarded away a bunch of the excess king-size candy bars they had provided for our consumption. (:

Overall, I'd have to say it was quite the spectacular Halloween.


  1. i am so proud of all your delicious food. we need to make a cooking plan for christmas ( : and your dora costume is to die for...she's sean's niece's favorite!

  2. The reese's cookies look so good!
    Your Dora costume is just SO cute!
    Glad you had a blast :)


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