One minor obsession.

Okay, so I'm pretty sure it's no secret that I have a slight obsession with something wonderfully delicious that goes by the name of Yogurtland...but I don't think I really actually realized how crazy I am about it until I went through my computer to collect pictures from the past week to tell a little story of how my Thanksgiving Break played out (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, you can check out that post here/below this one) - - and I discovered that of all the events that I have done in the past week, about 90% of the ones I photographed revolve around some kind of food...and about 75% of those pictures involved Yland...hmmm...

(Note: the glasses are Micae's pretend ones...I have 20/20 vision (thank you very much!) and just happened to try them on and keep them on the right of the night for fun. The end.) 

Can we help it that we are just poor, struggling college students who enjoy a  nice, sweet (not to mention cheap!) treat every so often??

Anyway, I guess it makes sense now (looking back) that I don't really have pictures of much else...considering I didn't really do much of anything at all this Thanksgiving break, thanks to a nasty cold I've been battling since Tuesday. So the follow is the brief synopsis (complete with plenty of foodie pictures...you thought I was joking) of my Thanksgiving break.

On the Saturday night before Thanksgiving Break was actually when the roommates + I decided to get our fro-yo fix in, as pictured above. After a quick trip, I headed over to my favorite older brothers' (Jeff + Jared) house to pass a few hours debating and discussing a plethora of subjects from beards to The Beatles (surprising? Probably not). 

Me pretending to be taller than I actually am (with a little assistance, mind you): 

Luckily, Nate (Jared's old roommate from last year) was in town, as well, so it was nice to catch up with him, too - and make a new friend (Spencer).

Aaaand then Sunday-Tuesday passed by with not too much to say, besides the fact that my cold/throat aching/etc. (I'll spare you the gory details) all started up around Monday. Until Tuesday night, that is, when I had the pleasure of driving two of my roommates (Debbie and Micae) up to Bountiful, Utah for them to stay with their families for the break (Debbie is from Bountiful; Micae was staying with an uncle before flying home to Virginia the next day to surprise her family!). So, naturally, we planned to stop at the Bountiful Utah Temple and do some work there. (:




Micae + my group shot (proof that we are working toward DZP goal #57!):

SUCH a pretty temple!! See the nativity right outside in the front? 

This is the view (the "real front," apparently) from the top of the indoor parking garage...It was a relatively clear and beautiful (albeit freezing) night to get married. (; 

Aaand of course the view after we finished (only about two hours later!) and it was quite dark outside. SO GORGEOUS. I love temples. (: 

So after dropping Micae + Deb off at their prospective houses, I headed back on my own to Provo, where Miriam + Katherine + I enjoyed eating some delicious fried dough (thank you ladies!) covered with fruit, syrup and plenty of powdered sugar (: and watching Never Been Kissed (I have never felt more embarrassed for anyone else in my entire life than for Drew Barrymore in this). We decided to make it a tradition to watch one movie every night the rest of the break - - which worked out quite nicely once my cold really set in and I didn't feel like doing much else. (:

On Wednesday I enjoyed a nice morning at the gym (trying to sweat out my sickness - - a good temporary fix!), then came home and showered and was off by 3pm to Murray, Utah with Miriam + Kat to check out the new H&M store!

It was absolutely huge (and packed full of people) - - two stories tall! But the top story was pretty much dedicated to children's and maternity clothing (?!). Haha.

After a couple of hours hanging around the mall, we made our way to pretty much the only other Yland (does this surprise you?) in Utah, only to find...it was closed for "the holiday." To say we were disappointed/heartbroken/depressed is probably an understatement.

(Note for anyone who can't read sarcasm over the internet: We survived. Somehow. (; )

BUT luckily for us, we got our sweet fix in at the Coldstone right next door! It wasn't froyo, by any means, but we made due with what we had.

After our quick sugar fix, we were off to (our real destination of the night) our friend Graden's house in SLC to hang out with some other friends and watch Super 8. Kind of confusing and ended super abruptly, but still a decent film.

You can see a true re-cap of Thursday here. (:

Friday I was feeling probably the worst out of the whole week. My voice was pretty much gone so I spent most of the day hanging out at home, trying to rest, relax, + take in plenty of fluids. I got a handful of things done around the house with cleaning/organizing/etc. And planned out my races for next year. (: (: (: More to come on that later!

Sooo 7pm rolls around and there's nothing more that my poor, sore throat wants than (you guessed it!) some cold and cheap (and delicious) fro-yo. (:

Hearing about all their new + upcoming holiday flavors (and getting a punch card for 2 oz. free each day you come in during the first two weeks of December) = helped ease my sickness along that much more. (: 

Came home and ended the night watching Monte Carlo...aka the ultimate chick flick. Cute movie, though.

Saturday I was feeling somewhat better but still decided to take things easy. Slept in, Skyped with Anna and talked on the phone with some other family members. Finished up my talk for the next day at church and just worked around the house on some other school-related things. Ended the night with my roommates, watching Casino Royale - - can you believe I've never seen a James Bond movie before this one?! So sad.

That about brings things up to speed. Hopefully this next week will be filled with more than just random movies and fro-yo. (; Only 9 days of class left until finals!

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