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The past couple of weeks has been full of all kinds of fun activities. I recently started keeping a personal journal where I record all my personal thoughts/feelings about each day...so this is probably going to turn into more of a picture/momento documentation of my life (even more so than it already is!) (: wahoooooo. So here we go!

1. I am continuously spending more and more time (and falling more and more in love) with The Hundred Dresses - including my cast, my director, my stage managers, the show, its message, our audiences, the children in the workshops, and just theatre and performing in general. I love it. Including all of our cast meals out on the road. (:

2. Micae + I took a trip to St. George, Utah a couple weekends ago and it was more than memorable, for a myriad of reasons. We got to do temple work (baptisms for the dead) in the beautiful St. George temple - the first one to be built + completed in the state of Utah. We stayed with Micae's grandparents (and they fed + housed us so kindly!) and were only there for less than a 24-hour period, but the next time we go (next semester!) we are going to most definitely tour the visitor's center down there. (:

Micae's grandma's mega-yummy homemade cherry cobbler:

Micae's grandma's wedding dress from 50+ years ago - hasn't been worn since her wedding day until that Saturday morning that we were there (: Micae fit it so well!

The Holocaust auto-biography book we "book-on-tape-esque" read to one another on the trip there + back:

Just love the beautiful Utah scenery. (:

3. My roommates and I just love Yogurtland and sneaking into our friends' hammocks. They're kind of two of our all-time favorite past-times. In case you haven't noticed...

Umm...the shadow + my hair being huge from the show earlier that day = might help explain the context of this next picture haha.

So basically: I still love The Hundred Dresses. I love going to the temple. I love my roommates. And I love Yogurtland. I think that's really all you need to know about me. (:


  1. There are a TON of church history sites in St. George. I LOVE that place. Brigham Young's vacation home, Mountain Meadow Massacre site, & Jacobs Hamblin's home that is toured by the missionaries there. Jacob Hamblin was my great great Grandpa & an awesome Mormon missionary to the Indians :) His story is a cool one, & the missionaries tell it well, so if you ever have the time you should do it :)

  2. ahhhhhhhhh i love all of this. st george. the wedding dress. all the dresses and plays that go with the dresses :) books on tape.... YOGURTLAND!!! i swear you have been there more than me now!!! luckyyyyy. i will have some catching up to do whenever i make it back there. PS have you heard of dealdragon.com? thats where i got my YL gift certificates, you can buy them for like half off but they only sell a certain amount each month. just saying :) helping a poor college kid (who happens to be addicted to froyo) out! love from the kevs and little d!!!

  3. please keep in mind that in about a month, all of these pictures need to include me.

    ...just sayin.

    onefourthree ( :


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