Day Zero Goals #63 and #64: Learn how to play a new song on the piano (+ sing along!) and Perform a solo in public.

Day Zero Goals #63 and #64: Performing a cover of "Laughing With" by Regina Spektor on the piano while singing simultaneously (and purely from memory - - no sheet music allowed!)...at the 101st Ward Talent Show on November 18, 2011. (:

Aside from the fact that I was shaking in my boots (literally) the entire performance and definitely rushed through the song (simply out of nerves), I was really proud of myself for finally doing this. I learned the song over the summer and (since I've been out here in Utah) only practiced the three days leading up to the Talent Show. Thank goodness for muscle memory. (:

Thanks for your inspiration, Regina. (:


  1. wish i were as talented or brave as you, brave kiD! you should teach the kevs a thing or two about being brave in public :)

  2. You are so awesome! And I love that song :)

  3. there's a snake in your boots.


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