Day Zero Goal #83 - Have a picnic lunch in an elevator.

Day Zero Goal #83 - Have a picnic lunch in an elevator!

Completed on April 11, 2011 in the HFAC main elevator with my fellow Peter Pan techies/dressers, as this was inspired by the "potluck night" (with curry - YUM!) we had during tech week during the run of the show back in February:

Kat and Jona:

and Sarah (and her baby!): 

We each brought something to share: Kat brought drinks (Root beer), Jona brought bread (rolls), I provided mint brownies (thank you, BYU!), and Sarah brought hot dog crescent roll-ups of some sort...mega yummy. (:


  1. ahahahah this is SO random but so so hilarious. this is why i love you, im assuming it was all your idea. and that baby?? SO cute.

  2. i'm glad that one of your friends brought bread. because it's seriously not a kron party without at least two different kinds.


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