Day Zero Goal #18 - Break my 25:00 PR in a 5k.

DZP Goal #18 - Break my 25:00 PR in a 5k

I finished it in 24:45 (: at the Fortune 5K on February 12, 2011.

Here's the recap I stole from Ruth's blog:

surah and i ran it.
BOTH under 25 minutes (I was 24:37 I believe).

Mr. D and the Bug came to watch.
We got post-race chinese food (lo mein and orange chicken and fortune cookies) and hot cocoa.

I felt incredible and overall it was TOTALLY AWESOME.

Ruth about to cross the finish line:

Ruth's cheering section of Mr. D and Little D. (:

Wahooooo! Just so sunny out and just so Asian. (:


  1. yayyyy chinese new year!!! you better start rearing up for training my dear.. marathon is not too far away! i think we start annas bday?


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