Come inside my house!

So a long, long time ago (give or take two months) I moved into this new and wonderful apartment complex called Skyview Terrace. I live with five other fabulous roommates that I love oh, so much. My family + friends from back home have been curious as to what my place looks like...so here is my brief presentation of my home/bedroom for friends and creepers alike. (:

Our apartment is three floors (parking area on the ground floor, walking up a flight of stairs to the second floor/aka first main floor of the apartment with the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Up another flight of (spiral-square) stairs is the first landing, where there are three private bedrooms and a bathroom. Up another identical flight of stairs to the second landing, where there are three more private bedrooms - mine included! - and another bathroom).

So here are the pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

Kitchen/dining area:

Living room (yes, we love our massive couch) (PS thanks to Ruth for the egg chair!):

2nd landing bathroom (the shower is not pictured but it is directly to the right of the picture...and just barely big enough to fit one person standing up at one time haha):

Micae's room:

Aaaand my room (a panoramic view...or something (: ):

Try not to be too jealous of my mountain-view "3rd-story" window (:

And yes, that is a piƱata in the top of my closet...if you ask me about it in person I'd be glad to tell the story of why I have that (:

And just a few highlights of my favorite corners of my room: my bulletin board plastered with photobooth photos (my favorite!) + my necklace collection, inspired by how I used to see Emily's displayed in hers + Anna's old house (:

Wahooo! So welcome to my house. I hope this suffices for now. And if it doesn't, then feel free to come visit and I'll give you the full tour. Just give me a little heads up in advance. (;


  1. oh you used those pics from when i was trying to sell the apartment. weird. slash WHY IS MY ROOM IN THERE?! SO CREEPY!!

  2. hah your house is adorable! and i especially like the pics of micaela's room...

    just kidding. but i'm glad you're roommates.

    necklaces + photo booths + room with a view = awesome.

  3. Hahaha. I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to take the bajillion of necklaces down :)

    Love your little home! & the Beatles poster!


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