Birthday Celebrations

The past twoish weeks have been crazy mega fun and filled with all sorts of activities.

1. More and (even!) more Dresses

Remember how much I'm in love with my show?? This is what the auditorium looked like for our Tuesday performance this past week - talk about an awesome stage for a high school!

And last Monday we performed at the Orem Library and my FHE group (well...some of them) came to see me. (: Love them.

From the left: Aaron, Alex, Debbie, Micae, me, Miriam, Jake, Katherine, Graeden

Sadly only have four performances left. ): But I am still as in love with my cast mates as ever. For obvious reasons. They just...get me. (:

Boy club!

My papa (in the show, obviously) + I posing like "real Polish people" - who apparently get so excited to take pictures and then as soon as the camera is in front of their face, they pull a "straight" face. So I guess you could say we're authentic. (;

2. No post would be complete without this so I'm just going to get it out and over with...Yogurtland. No other words necessary.

3. Hairstyling...aka straightening Tom's hair on a Monday night. Talk about exciting(!).

4. Visiting (and doing work in) the Provo temple. (:

This collection of trees (especially the one in the front!) basically summed up my favorite season (autumn!). So pretty! Even though not as pretty as the temple itself, obviously.

5. Aaaand finally on to the main event...celebrating roommate Katherine's 21st birthday! Two parts to this:

a. Celebrating at the delicious and (relatively) new Pizzeria 712 with her sister + brother-in-law (and the roommates, of course!).

Debbie, Katherine, Rebecca (sister), Keith (brother-in-law), Miriam (other sister), Micae, me

Micae + I split a "salad" and a pizza...so yummy! 

Our delicious mega yummy (+ crazy thin) pizza: 

Katherine's special birthday treat...on the house thanks to our lovely server. Some kinda raspberry goodness (: 

After Pizzeria 712 we headed over to Rebecca's house, because she made a mega yummy Oreo ice cream cake for us to all indulge in (: yumm.

And, of course, the night would not have been complete if I didn't get a chance to dabble on the keys of their beautiful grand piano. 

b. The celebrations continued well into the next day...with our second annual treat night at our apartment!

The spread:

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups made by me (recipe here) --  PS Ruth, Drew might just love these (:

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins made by me (recipe here)

Muddy Buddies (aka Puppy Chow) made by Micae (she also made the Koobies- in the top right corner of the big spread picture)

Cookie Dough Brownies made by Katherine 

Chocolate Fudge Torte Cake by Miriam 

Pumpkin Spice Bars by Katherine 

So many wonderful friends came over yet again to (eat all of our goodies) socialize and wish the birthday girl a happy day (:

Steve, Graeden, and Debbie

Some of Katherine's other friends

Bri, Miriam, and Alex 

Spencer, Jake, Mitchell, and Micae 

The Brodegard siblings 

Happy birthday to the girl of the moment - Katherine! Hope you had a great birthday girlie (: 


  1. kvkgokklcvkkk, /mmsdffcjjjjjjjjjhhhhhhhhhn
    that was from dustin. yup hes been up almost 90 minutes now :) juast love!! teach me how to make all this and those empanadas over break?!?!?!

  2. I LOVE YOGURTLAND!!! and dessert nights:)

  3. umm puppy chow and that salad -- delish. you and your awesome food.


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