All the other kids with the pumped up kicks.

So this past weekend was mega fun! Meaning two weekends ago. Starting on Thursday when I got a text from Yogurtland for buy one get one 1/2 off froyo...um, you better believe my roommates + i were there in an instant.

YUM. We knew we were already planning on going to Yogurtland on our roommate date in two more days...but seriously - 1/2 off?? It would have been illegal to pass that up.

Miriam, Micae, Debbie, me, Katherine, and Karmila. 

Saturday morning we all (minus Karmila) woke up nice + early to head off to the Draper Utah temple. It was SO snowy but so gorgeous!!

Micae + I's signature temple picture together

 Debbie, Miriam, Katherine, me, Micae

Oh my mountains. The Church is true. Enough said. (:

After the 40 minute drive home (and a quick stop at a flower shop), we arrived home to shower and get all ready for our roommate date that night!...kind of. Katherine + Miram had to go get some last-minute additions to their costumes, and I went to hang out with Dallin so we could get him a last-minute costume...whoops! It was mega fun running around DI/Saver's and he ended up with the best outfit of them all...thanks entirely to me, naturally! (;

Eventually 7 o'clock rolled around and us ladies went to go pick up our dates, flowers in hand. We returned back to our house to play a couple of rounds of Catch Phrase (we definitely had some competitive players in our group, to say the least!) until Karmila and her boyfriend arrived. Then it was time for pictures. (:

Spencer and Miriam

Tom and Micae 

Karmila and Tao 

Katherine and Graeden 

Debbie and David 

Aaaaand the best looking couple, Dallin + I (; 

After pictures we headed to (where else?) Yogurtland. I could hardly believe the fact that so many of the boys had never been there before...shame on them. But, rest assured, we converted them all to its goodness by the end of the night.

After Yogurtland...we all went home. Because honestly - what more could you want out of a date?!

Just kidding. (: We headed to the main event - disco rollerskating at the Classic Fun Center! Hence our costumes (;

After we hit up the bounce zone (aka ten minutes of climbing and flipping and sliding down a number of huge inflatables), we roller-skated like it was our life calling...for hours and hours and hours. 

But hours and hours (and one dislocated wrist, a la Debbie) later, we realized we were pooped. It was mega fun skating around (especially after we got the hang of things) and even tried out a few tricks! But eventually it was time to call it a night.

So after we rounded up the troops, we got one final group shot, unlaced our skates, and headed out (:

On our car ride home, however, we had some very hungry boys...somehow Yogurtland didn't fill them up very much(?! weird). So we stopped at In-N-Out for some yummy foods...aka veggie burgers for Micae + I (SO yum!) and some big eats for the boys.

PS: Tom finished both of his burgers before I was 1/2way done with mine...and then he finished mine for me. The end.

We eventually peeled ourselves out of the booth and headed back to Provo sometime around midnight. Overall, a very fun night. I got to get all dressed up + decked out in neon, eat Yogurtland, roller-skate like a champ (and only fall down maybe three times total!), and fill my tum again with some veggie goodness after. Oh. The group was pretty fun too, I guess. (;


  1. Hahaha. you really are that obsessed with yogurtland :)

  2. we are going to eat so much fro yo when we go to ohio.


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