Day Zero Goal #70 - Perform on stage at BYU in a play or musical.

Two weeks ago we ended our Nelke run of The Hundred Dresses at BYU. It was AMAZING and I had so many wonderful friends come out to see and support me in the show. (: I was lucky enough to remember to get pictures with some of them!

Roommates Karmila, Katherine, and Miram:

This little boy saw me get a picture with them so he asked me if I wanted my picture taken with him, too, haha. So adorable:

Roommate Debbie and (not roommate) David:

Ward amigos Nick and Dallin:

This show has been (and continues to be!) such a fun and huge learning experience. I'm so grateful for my amazing cast!! I am so so so lucky to have the chance to keep touring with them through the end of the semester. (:

PS take a look at the mega cute picture Caitlin (assistant stage manager) took backstage of my final dress (right before my costume change (: ):

It's so dramatic and adorable. I love it. (:

I love love loved the opportunity to perform on campus at BYU in the HFAC (Harris Fine Arts Center), especially because of all the publicity we got thanks to the amazing lobby display and displays outside the Nelke theatre (you can click on anything to make it bigger).

We loved the cut-outs the best! The kids + even adults that came to the show didn't hesitate to miss-out on the chance for a photo-op. And neither did we. (: Thanks so much to our AMAZING dramaturg, Katherine, for putting all this together (she is in the last picture)!

So so so so so much fun. I love this show. I love theatre. I love the messages it shares and the myriad of ways it affects and changes peoples' lives. I love being a part of The Hundred Dresses! Good thing we still have another month + a week of touring performances in elementary/middle schools left. (:


  1. AHH! I love it! I love it! I love it! I LOVE YOU!!

  2. LOVE IT. i miss the hfac. glad you're taking good care of it!


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