LDS General Conference Weekend

Friday night of this weekend was such a fun night. I took lots of pictures to document so I just wanted to finally post about it because it was the night of the crazy-awesomesauce BYU vs. Utah State football game and I actually got to go!!

I went with my Canadian friend Connor because he is so great and had an extra ticket that he let me use free of charge (:

We were there with lots of other (Canadian!) friends, too.

Wahooooo! It was a gorgeous night for a game. I was really glad I got to go - I had forgotten how much I loved going to outdoor sports events. It was so pretty (and blue!) - - please note my perfectionary mountains in the background (:

BYU played really well! Meaning not so well until the last minute (literally) - but that made for an incredibly exciting game (and win)!! Note: I have no idea who these boys are. They were just sitting behind us and really excited about me taking so many pictures (: taha

Marching band halftime show wahooo! I definitely was one of like five people in the whole stadium that (watched the entire show and then) clapped and cheered for them as they marched off the field. I remember those days (: 

After the exciting win, Connor and I (I had done this before (but forgot until Micae reminded me haha) but he had never done this before, which made it that much more awesome) jumped over the guardrail, ran past 3 cops and a handful of security guards to rush the field with a bunch of other really excited fans!

I even got my picture taken with a football player (the only one who stayed on the field...haha)! PS sorry for "thumbs-up" overload haha (:

SO so fun. And I even came within about 5 feet from Jimmer as he came on the field to pick up his fiancee of a cheerleader...SO COOL.

We all headed home in the midst of a dozens of celebrating BYU fans with car horns honking, the fight song playing, and lots of screaming and "hooting" haha. It was great. So then we decided to celebrate by rolling down the hill right by the basement of the HBLL (library)!

I don't even remember the last time I rolled down a hill, but I got SO dizzy and it was SO awesome. I felt like a little kid again (:

We got back to our houses and I corralled my roommates and we all headed over to Spoon It Up...aka not as great as Yogurtland, but it was okay. (:

Debbie, Miriam, and Brock

Fellow Canadian friend (I am a terrible person for forgetting his name) and Connor

Miriam and another Canadian friend (I think? haha)

(But not as YUM as Yogurtland.)

I love BYU and I love fro-yo. Basically sums up my life.

SO this game was a GREAT way to prepare for an awesome next day in Salt Lake City -- at General Conference with Micae, Nikki, and Micae's cousin, Aaron. Nikki (also a Canadian!) actually has a cousin who is serving a mission in Temple Square and was telling us about how cool it would be to run into him WHEN WE WALK RIGHT BY HIM!! How cool is that?! Tender mercies, I'm tellin' ya...

So that was awesome. And then the Saturday Morning Session of Conference was AWESOME. A little worried when President Thomas S. Monson didn't show up until like an hour into the two-hour meeting...but he made up for his delayed arrival by cracking a few jokes and announcing the construction of the new Provo Tabernacle Temple - which is going to be built like a five-minute walk from my house!! How neat is that?? Plus, check out how gorgeous it is going to be (artist's rendering):

You can learn more about Latter-day Saint (Mormon) Temples by clicking here!

And, of course, we enjoyed (as always!) admiring the beautiful Salt Lake Temple from across the street from the Conference Center (where the semi-annual General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints takes place each year: once in April and once in October. It's broadcast worldwide from this Conference Center via satellite, radio, internet, and television).

SO pretty. I love the Temples. I love being a Latter-day Saint. I love being a Christian.

Conference weekend is the best. (:


  1. om nom nom. i love that new temple... hopefully it will be ready in 18 months! love this post and you are so so pretty!!


    slash one of those random unknown boys is beautiful. the end.

  3. haha love the thumbs-up overload ( : glad you got to rush the field and even more love that you got to go to conference. i miss that <3


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