Mama Montage.

Remember how recently (8/29...so maybe not super recent, but better late than never, right?) it was my favorite Mama's birthday?

^I found this little gem on my laptop, made by Mr. DK himself, many, many moons ago for a Mother's Day celebration (: since it is our Mama that I am wanting to celebrate at this time, after all!

There are SO many reasons why I love my Mama (and so many reasons why other people love her, too!). To name a few:

She is a proud Chilean and loves sharing her heritage (and wonderful sisters!) with all of us (thanks again for the t-shirt, Mama!).

She has also taught all of us Kron girls (and boys!) how to most love appreciate chocolate...in every form (: Even/especially when she makes it!

She puts up with (and loves) all of us no matter how crazy we might be, at times...

So it's no surprise that we love doing things for her to show her just how much we love her, too (:

My Mama is so fantastic in so many ways. She is also so fashionable and gives me the best advice on clothes. And anytime my clothes might need some mending to make them more fashion-forward, she is always there and more than willing to help me out with her amazing sewing skills!

Also, there is no question where I get my love for travelling - she always manages to find the best (ocean-side!) vacation spots, too!

My Mama loves doing things with us, all the time. From making food to watching movies together - it is always a wonderful time when it is time spent with her!

Not to mention that she is completely fearless! From handling tigers to trying my first-attempt at homemade soup to making new friends in distant places...she does it all!!

My Mama is simply the best. She is so happy and delightful all the time - it's clear that we all love to take pictures with her because is so beautiful and has such a gorgeous smile to match!

We love our Mama so, so much! She is without a doubt the best (and best-looking!) Mama, wife, sister, aunt, and grandma around!

So happy, happy (belated) birthday to my favorite Mama! I love you so, so much and hope you had a great birthday and that you continue to have a wonderful and happy life (: You are the best!!

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  1. aww. just love.

    also, you posted this at 6:14PM...
    yay for our favorite area code ( :


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