Chicken dinner.

I know everyone in the world (including my family) thinks I am pretty crazysauce for running a marathon in under a month(!!!), especially without ever having run any race longer than a 5K...but I have been training pretty well (I think so, at least) and I am getting beyond stoked to run in Layton in just 28 days!!

However...one thing I have been just a bit nervous about as of late is the fact that I have had yet to run outside in Utah (aka this crazy elevation)...that is, until today!

I was in rehearsal for The Hundred Dresses from 9am-5pm...so my only (realistic) option for running today was right after rehearsal. Normally, I would go to the gym and just run on the treadmill...but I knew today had to be the day that I broke that chain -- and after eating 1/2 a powerbar, filling up my waterbottle, grabbing a handful of ShotBloks and tying up my laces, I was out the door (: 


I finally got some elevation in!! (: Thanks again to Mama + Daddy for my mega-early birthday present of a Garmin Forerunner 205 so I could easily keep track of all of this stuff!

I was able to run right by the Daniels' house (and even waved to Makenna in the front yard as I ran through their street!) and also do a lap around the temple, sans-iPod. And it was fantastic. AND. That was only the first couple of miles. (:

PS you can click on any of these to make them bigger:

Twelve miles in under 2 hours! For my first-ever run through higher-than-what-I'm-used-to elevation, I was more than happy (: Especially since my two splits that were more than 10 minutes were both when I was going up more than 100 feet in elevation!

Seriously, this Garmin is my best friend when running. I enjoyed running just simply for fun and endurance...and it was UNDOUBTEDLY the best run I have had in SO so long. I wasn't trying to run crazy fast...my only goal going out the door was to be consistently running the entire time. Which I achieved (: I didn't even have to stop to re-fill my water bottle (because it was so perfect weather-wise outside) OR to go to the bathroom (probably because I went like 6 times before I initially left). I was so carefree the entire time. Sheer bliss. (: Plus, my final stopping mileage was at 12.04 - aka my birthday! December 4th - how crazy is that?!

This run (especially the moments that I took to just turn off my iPod and just listen to my body) was most definitely my #1 favorite run to date - because the entire time I kept thinking of reasons WHY I loved running so much. And each song that came on my iPod reminded me of very specific people in my life who inspire me and that I love so much (: So I just imagined each of them cheering me on with each new song that came on, and time FLEW by.

Basically, running outside here in Utah was a huge hurdle for me to get over personally, to help me feel more prepared for my (first) marathon (ever!!) coming up so, so soon. 

There are some people I talk to and they make me feel so incompetent and unprepared because my mileage isn't always as much as it should be each week and I don't always eat the most nutritious foods and I haven't been following my training plan exactly to a T...but you know what? I'm running because I love it. And I love the way it makes me feel. I'm not trying to qualify for Boston (yet (: ) or anything with this marathon...my only two goals for Layton are to (1) keep moving forward the entire time and (2) to finish. I don't care if I am the very last person to cross that finish line: as long as I have been moving on my own two feet the entire time and cross the finish line on my same two feet. Even if it takes me the entire 6 hours maximum possible to finish it. (:

Winner winner. (:


  1. um i think you are total AWESOMESAUCE for running a marathon!! I guarentee and handful of people will WALK most of it so i seiously doubt you'll be last..but even if u are, I'll still love you and you will still be a MARATHONER unlike your lazy a sister ruth :) YOURE GOING TO BE AMAZING!! who cares if u miss a mile here or there, you are oing the training and your bodys going to be ready for it!! come what mayyyyyyyyyyy :)


    can't wait to hear all about it! 143

  3. Sarah!!!! I love you so much! And totally inspirational. :) I can't wait to hear about your marathon. I love running as well and I am just so stinking proud! hehe :)


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