All the pretty girls on (Tuesday) night

What's that? You want to know how Micae and I celebrated her 20th birthday?

We went to Baskin Robbin's (my first time...not impressed. Yogurtland > all other ice cream/fro-yo (except maybe Graeter's)) and then decided to go out and play in all the crazy construction they are doing right outside our complex...because what better things are there to do on a Tuesday night in Provo?

I only hope you enjoy these at least 1/2 as much as we enjoyed creating them. (:


  1. awww so so cute!!! miss you. does saying that every day make it any less true??? i sure hope not. i wish so so bad i could be there to run with you those last few miles... but you could always listen to "my hearts a stereo" and think of me instead :) and it will be like I'm right there with you. marathon together next spring. deal????

  2. these are awesome! miss you guysss.


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