Adios, August.

For those of you who don't know...this is my word/phrase a day August in review (:

And before you ask: no...I have no idea why I used "donezo!" both on the 6th and the 26th. I didn't even realize I had a repetition until I re-read through it all just now haha.

1st - long hair, don't care.
2nd - bibbity bobbity evans.
3rd - oh-io!
5th - cousintastic!
6th - donezo!
7th - going, gone going.
8th - waisty waster.
9th - we can work it out.
10th - selfish.
11th - bob's babes bonfire.
12th - ANNAAA! welcome to ohio (:
13th - shop 'til you drop.
14th - famfam.
15th - byeeee woodyyyyyyyyyy...
16th - the unusual.
17th - byeeeee, farmland!
18th - never, neverland.
19th - "la la lalalalaaaa!" <3 DK
20th - midnight bedside chats. <3
21st - pack, pack, pack it up.
22nd - utah, here we come!
23rd - carthage/ holy iowa.
24th - let's go, baby blue!
25th - UTAH.
26th - donezo! (:
27th - michelle, my bell.
28th - little miss irish.
29th - I LOVE BYU.
30th - ALL. Lined. up. (:
31st - let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.


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