All the pretty girls on (Tuesday) night

What's that? You want to know how Micae and I celebrated her 20th birthday?

We went to Baskin Robbin's (my first time...not impressed. Yogurtland > all other ice cream/fro-yo (except maybe Graeter's)) and then decided to go out and play in all the crazy construction they are doing right outside our complex...because what better things are there to do on a Tuesday night in Provo?

I only hope you enjoy these at least 1/2 as much as we enjoyed creating them. (:


Back in the USSR (...aka Provo)

I have been back in Provo (officially!) for over a month now, without any proper blogging taking place. Probably because I am always getting behind on blogging and feeling the need to catch up before I ever do anything in real-time...hmm.  Maybe I'll try to break that habit sometime soon. Like now.

Lo and behold, the latest of picture-explosive blog posts. I'd apologize but I know you all just love posts with more pictures than words, right?? (:

Throughout the past month in Provo, I have:

1. Started my Junior year at BYU (yes, this is a first day of school picture...taken at night (and doubly yes, that IS a metal Beatles lunchbox that I take my lunch to school in every. Single. Day. Thanks to my loving father for buying it for me (: )).

2. I have made lots of new friends, had more fun than is probably legal, experimented with hairstyles (including braids!), played lots of theatre games, eaten lunch outside, played ultimate frisbee, brainstormed until my brain has gone numb, and spent countless hours (25+ a week!) in the Pardoe Green Room/Nelke Theatre rehearsing for BYU's production of "The Hundred Dresses."

3. I have spent lots of time (in the Pardoe Green Room...aka my second home this semester) in my TMA 276R (Intro to Theatre Education) class (re-)discovering what an Orange I am and deciding whether or not I really want to make a living being a theatre teacher (...duh.).

These are my fellow Oranges in the class - Lexi and Darci. There were two Golds, and then everyone else was a Blue. No Greens in the entire class. Haha.

4. I have (somehow!) found time to hang out with a bunch of friends doing a bunch of crazy fun things.

(PS: Yes, this next picture is what was on the back of the Toy Story puzzle - a love note written from one past BYU lover to another, many, many moons ago. She clearly didn't care for him that much though, otherwise she would've taken this dear puzzle with her when she moved out a few years ago and not left it behind for us to play with (: )

5. I have hung out with my roommates and made/eaten lots of mega-yummy food (I apologize that I took a picture of my two blonde roommates together and therefore somehow whited them out entirely...oops).

Micaela and Miriam:

Katherine and Debbie:

Debbie, me and Karmila

6. I have driven around town with my driver's side-view mirror broken off (which is even more embarrassing then it might seem)...and attempted to fix it...and then after it fell apart again - gone to get it fixed for real (and for under $100!!),

7. I have gone running...and running...and running some more (PS Ruth + Anna...recognize what locker room I'm in??)

8. I have gone to a totally kick-butt major league soccer game (Real Salt Lake) with Emily and then an even more kick-butt OneRepublic concert right after the game...and I caught (found) the guitar pick that their lead (beautiful) guitarist Ryan Tedder threw into the crowd at the end. Kick. Butt.

Please note how beyond cheesed-out and happy I am in this next one. Probably because it was taken literally the moment after I found the guitar pick haha.

9. Have more than enjoyed my new calling as official ward historian which basically means I get to take pictures of everything at every activity, ever. Which I already do anyway. (:

These are just from our first activity - slip 'n' sliding at Rock Canyon park. And yes, that is my bishop zooming down on his tummy in the fifth picture down. Haha.

10. I attended Erika's wedding!! Well...the reception anyway. The decorations/pictures/EVERYTHING were so so cute. Especially the bride herself, obviously.

And yes, I did just have to get picture with everyone. Even Madison. Because everyone was just too busy for a group shot haha. (:

11. And perhaps most importantly, I have officially become addicted to Yogurtland. And all of the wonderful friends I make every time I go/take people with me/tag along whenever people even mention the word. You know who you ((enablers)) are. (:

PS Just remember...who are you to judge (my topping to fro-yo ratio of 20 toppings for every 1 ounce)? It is delicious and I will never change my ways for the approval of others. The end.

OH! And how could I almost forget...

12. I just have loved Skyping with my best friend in the whole, wide world, whenever I get the chance to. (:

Well, that's my life right about now. Just add all those up and multiply them x infinity and that's all I'm doing every second of every day. Since I clearly haven't been blogging. (;

Happy almost October! My favorite season is autumn and it is finally (starting) to feel like it...mmmm (:
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