SIR. PAUL. MCCARTNEY. / Day Zero Goal #68 - See Paul McCartney in concert!!

In. The. FLESH.

It's safe to say I just about died when I walked out of the car when we (daddy, John + I) arrived in Cincincatti, Ohio for the Paul McCartney concert. PS did I mention this was my DZP goal #68?? Meaning really it's like my life's dream...come true (: (: (:

Note: I promise I am working on the other two (;

This amazingness all started way back when -- when I found out about this concert. They day I received our tickets in the mailbox when we got back from Myrtle Beach, I just about died from excitement.

AHHHHHHHH. My heart is screaming just thinking about it. (: (: (:

We drove down in whilst jamming to Beatles tunes (what else??) from Live at the BBC, and then walked straight up to the Great American Ballpark and Johnny Boy picked out his t-shirt while Dad + I just took in the scene. After a few pictures of the very first looks around at the concert/floor/$2000 seats,

we pushed + made our way to our seats...um...our AMAZING seats!!!

Here's Dad's view of the scenery from our seats, just SOAKING it all in before Sir Paul came on stage:

AHHHHH. I seriously want to scream just right now thinking about it!! After the initial excitement wore off (yeah, right) I peeled myself away from my seat to go buy a beautiful ($40) t-shirt a la Daddy -- thank you! (:

I also proceeded to wear it for the entire weekend following...including sleeping. But that's an entirely different story.

SO. Getting back to the concert. After waiting in line for my t-shirt while Dad was waiting in the concessions line to buy our hot dog dinner (again, thank you!!), we all finally made it back to our seats like 5 minutes before the show was about to begin (8PM!)!!

Needless to say, I was stoked out of my MIND. So when a few older ladies sitting in front of us turned around and started pointing and talking about a Paul look-alike sitting a few rows back, I didn't hesitate to jump on back there and grab a picture with him myself...I've never met someone who looked so close to my 69-year-old crush. 

I knew it wasn't him, but deep-down, I really wished it was. And that the concert would start and he would stand up four rows behind me and start singing to me. And then ask me to marry him instead of Nancy Shevell...Oh well, I can dream, right??

MOVING ON. 8:01PM rolls around. Then 8:02. 8:05. 8:10. 8:14. I'm getting crazy antsy. There is music playing in the background (mostly covers of other people doing Paul's/The Beatles' songs) and images/old photographs are being projected onto the two huge screens along the sides of the stage...and then all of a sudden, the song starts fading. There are a bunch of floating lanterns that are "disappearing" into the sky (Enchanted reference, anyone??)...and then they are all almost gone...and the music starts to come to a climax...and THEN--

THE REAL MAGIC HAPPENS. PS: Sorry for the screaming...I was just a wee bit excited. I mean, if you couldn't tell. Can you say PERFECT way to start a concert??! Don't EVEN get me started. I was on the verge of tears the entire night. From pure BLISS.

Here I am...just cheesin' away. Like I could even help it! BEST. NIGHT. EVER. And it was only beginning!!

Did I mention he said he was wearing his red suit in honor of the Cincinatti Reds? I know, I know. He's PERFECT.

Oh mannnn. Did I also mention that he never took a break for water or from playing/singing until he went off stage (briefly) before each of his TWO encores?! 69 years old and still rocking out like a rock star...which he is. Obviously.

Just take a peek at his set-list (with a few videos added in--mostly by Dad but some by yours truly!!):

1. Hello, Goodbye 
(The Beatles song)
2. Junior's Farm 
(Paul McCartney & Wings song)
3. All My Loving 
(The Beatles song)
4. Jet 
(Paul McCartney & Wings song)
5. Drive My Car 
(The Beatles song)

6. Sing the Changes 
(The Fireman song)
7. The Night Before 
(The Beatles song)
8. Let Me Roll It / Foxy Lady Tease 
(Jimi Hendrix cover)
9. Paperback Writer 
(The Beatles song)

10. The Long and Winding Road 
(The Beatles song)
11. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five 
(Paul McCartney & Wings song)
12. Let 'Em In 
(Wings song)

13. Maybe I'm Amazed 

14. I've Just Seen a Face 
(The Beatles song)
15. I Will 
(The Beatles song)
16. Blackbird 
(The Beatles song)
17. Here Today 
18. Dance Tonight 
19. Mrs. Vandebilt 
(Paul McCartney & Wings song)
20. Eleanor Rigby 
(The Beatles song)
21. Something --tribute to George on the ukulele he gave him
(The Beatles song) (on ukelele)
22. Band on the Run 
(Paul McCartney & Wings song)
23. Obla Di Obla Da 
(The Beatles song)
24. Back in the USSR 
(The Beatles song)
25. I've Got a Feeling 
(The Beatles song)
26. A Day in the Life / Give Peace A Chance 
27. Let it Be 
(The Beatles song)

28. Live and Let Die 
(Paul McCartney & Wings song)

29. Hey Jude 
(The Beatles song)

30. Encore:
30. Lady Madonna 
(The Beatles song)
31. Day Tripper 
(The Beatles song)
32. Get Back 
(The Beatles song)
33. Encore 2:
33. Yesterday 
(The Beatles song)

34. Helter Skelter 
(The Beatles song)
35. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End 
(The Beatles song)

I know right?? AMAZING. He jumped from guitar to piano to acoustic to ukulele and then back on the piano and then to a different guitar...seriously he never stopped! He just kept going and going! I don't know where he got his energy from...he's super-human. (: I would have added more videos but (1) I want you to see the best of the BEST and (2) it will give me an excuse to reminisce often and post more videos later. (: Between Dad + I we got EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. I'm pretty sure, at least! Using up all of his camera's battery and just about 1/2 of mine. Oh, and have I mentioned that he (Paul) looked amazing all the while? Just look at that wind-swept hair...

He continued to amaze me (+ thousands of his other adoring fans, I'm sure) by being so incredibly comical and sharing little tidbits about life back in the Beatles days and with George or John and just...bahhhh. It was so enlightening. And wonderful. And he even ran on stage for the first encore carrying an American flag, just running around on stage. So. Funny.

Of course, he did a lot of bowing and thanking the crowd...across the period of his TWO encores. Yes, he is that awesome.

And yes, that is also a pink long-sleeved, button-down t-shirt. What a babe. So to say I was jealous when this (the following video) happened during the last encore would probably be the understatement of the YEAR.

Note to self: Next time you go to your idol's concert, sit in the super mega expensive seats ($$$$$) and make really quirky and witty signs ("Will you sign my wife?") and then you will get to meet said idol and hug him and he will SIGN you. PERSONALLY. fjdaklsfjdaklfjsa I can't think about it. It hurts too much. And it would also make it so I would never shower again, which would probably hurt everyone else too much, anyway.

But all in all, really, it was the most STELLAR fab concert I have ever been to/will ever attend in my entire lifetime. And beyond. I'm sure. I'm so glad I have such a great amigo back in Ohio that loves the Beatles as much as I do (John!) and also a wonderful father who loved rocking out to Sir Paul's songs when he probably didn't realize I was recording him (; I love you, Daddy!

What a wonderful/beyond memorable experience. In a word: stellarfabamazingincrediblewonderfulinspiringfantasticstupendouslifechanging. Or something along those lines. (:

The final encore lasted us throughout the rest of our two-hour drive home (with a minor stop at a gas station, where we were approached by a stranger and Dad was kind enough to fill up his tank for him. What a good Samaritan!). Hopefully you'll enjoy it as well (Note: I had to borrow this clip from someone else who was there that night -- which is lucky for you since he had even BETTER seats than us so the finale is that much more epic!! -- because YouTube keeps failing at uploading my vid of the finale).

"...And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

Thank you, Sir Paul. I love you, too. ♥ 


  1. WOWOWOWOWOW so jealousssssssssss....
    love love love this!!! pics and movies are so so awesome!!!!!

    glad you got to see sir paul! make sure you email dad those pics so he can memento them too!!! :) miss you and thanks for the update!

  2. pretty sure it's illegal to take video at concerts like this. don't worry...i won't tell ( :

    looks like a fun time though! miss youuu.


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