happy [crazy belated] birthday, dk!

is anyone else in complete and utter awe that this little boy young man is already thirteen years old?!

what a fab weekend we had celebrating his birthday! on the friday night before [7/22] we took him + his amigos mejores out to a bowling fiesta at amf sawmill lanes...and what a party it was!

[from left to right: glauco, tack, axel, dk himself, gee-lay [i don't know how you actually spell it, but that's how it's said phonetically; he's glauco's little brother], and westley!]

what an awesome bunch of kiddos. can you believe that dk has the most normal name out of the bunch?? poor guy typing in all of our names for the lanes...he had no idea what he had coming haha (:

the boys had tonz of fun practicing their bowling form:

glauco with his 13-lb. ball...aka he got so many strikes it wasn't even funny. you would, too if you had a ball that heavy!:

axel with the "laid-back" attack:

westley with the sideways "too cool for school" throw:

dk showing off his "i'm better than you are" hand flail:

and posing/showing off his muscles after a big strike! or something close to it, i'm sure.

tack with his knobby knees toss:

daddy with his "i'm a championship bowler, thank you very much" bent-knee awesomeness:

gee-lay with his "i'm a novice!" throw:

and i can't help but laugh at how awkwardly large the gap is between mr. gangly limbs' legs

and me... i'm a natural, clearly. just look at that stance (;

the boys all had tons of fun goofing around and being pre/teenage boys,

our scores were pretty decent the first round:

and then it was time for CAKE! (:

"old man" version: 31 years (:

after the extended-version of the blowing-out-of-the-candles,

we all enjoyed the yummy cookie cake, down to almost the very last bit!

we finished the second game and called it a night! even though i still can't believe i got beaten by a thirteen-year-old...at least i got a personal best and that's what counts, right?? (:

and daddy creamed us all, of course.

after dk + i compared the fact that we now officially have the same shoe size... WEIRD. he's getting so big!

the next day was truly the big day! saturday, july 23rd - dk's 13th birthday!!

dk started off the day cleaning up from his crazy sleepover [and yes, i was downstairs at midnight to wish him happy birthday first, thank you very much (: ] and showing off his big guns:

and i ran a wonderful 10 miles that morning to celebrate his 13th! (:

after a few more photo-ops with the lovely mama who birthed him 13 years ago,

we [aka i] showered up and went out to a nice dinner at the macaroni grill before i had to zip off to work for the night!

we gave all of our presents for dk to our waitress and daddy arranged for her to bring them sporadically throughout our dinner...needless to say, dk was incredibly surprised when the first two things he received were two copies of the same exact game: one from me, one from m&d.

...oops (: at least no one else got him m&ms!

 we enjoyed the rest of our time together, eating + talking and celebrating with mr. birthday boy himself!

and, finally, the moment we've all been waiting for...

the arrival of the 3DS!! not that this is any surprise, because mr. gamer face already has a multiplicity of pictures from it uploaded to facebook...but it is quite enjoyable to watch haha (:

overall, i am so so grateful for this little man in my life. i love my little brother more than anyone has ever loved a brother, guarantee it (:

so dk, here is my tribute to you! in the best way i know how... pictures (:

i love you, you little turkey butt.

i've loved watching you grow up and do all the other crazy/goofy things you do, especially when it makes you look like a total crazyhead.

you are my best friend. i love jumping on the beds with you or making crazy music videos in my room.

i love hugging you because you always know how to cheer me up!

and you still love me, even when i make faces that are not quite socially acceptable...

you have always been around to support me and cheer me on, wherever i am and whatever i'm doing! from band camp,

to basketball/cheerleading games [hoo-ha-rahrahrah!],

theatre shows,

and everything else in between.

you aren't ever ashamed to make goofy faces with me,

or pose with food...fried chicken + menchies = true love <3

you love to travel to exotic places with me,

 and try new things [for the second time]--even if your fingers and toes did get a little cold!

you are [still!] always more than willing to take goofy pictures with me,

but you also know how to smile so adorably and perfectly to make the perfect kodak moment (:

you are SO so loved by all of your adoring fans sisters, and we love to spoil you. do you know that?? just because we don't have millions of $$$ to spend on you, doesn't mean we don't love you (;

i love you so much, dk!! i can't believe how fast you're growing up, but i'm so grateful that you are here and we are such best friends forever (: you are the best and i hope you had a stellar 13th birthday, with many, many, many more to come, you old man! (:

i love you so much, dk! happy to you (:


  1. they have menchies in ohio?!?! i will have to go there. also, loved all the old pics. i need to steal a bunch and scan them into the comp so i can get them on the blog when i get out there :) love youuuu and so so sad I won't be able to see you for EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS assuming I dont see you till christmas :( sad sad sad face but....

    (name that movie! go!)

  2. "...or forgetful."
    -robin hood.

    (and all the adorable pics)


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