So long, sweet summer.

Remember that one time when the last I had posted was back in early August - about my little brother's 13th birthday party that happened back in JULY??

Right. Well it's almost the end of August. So I'm just going to do one of everyone's favorite catch-up posts: a whole slew of pictures from July 23rd (DK's birthday)- August 21st (the day before I left for Utah). Ready?!

Here's what I did to finish off my summer (in some kind of order):

1. Witnessed Daniel lose the world's smallest "tooth."

2. Watched Axel work on his saxophone and succeeded in attached a bike rack to my baby blue for the first time ever!

3. Really (continuously) enjoyed watching DK be the ultimate goofball, eventually leading to the birth of "Fantaman."

4. Ate some mall food, hurricane simulator-ed, made funny faces and saw a rainbow in the same night. Note: I take no responsibility for my facial expressions/lack thereof in the following video. You try experiencing 70MPH winds and then you can come make fun of me. (:

5. Took my first official "ice bath" after a long run.

6. Enjoyed (taking infinity+ pictures with and) spending time with our California cousins in all kinds of places: from grandma's house to the institute building; OSU campus/library/the Oval to a Clipper's game (well, almost); and of course to Bob Evans and then Graeter's. 

7. Worked for many, many moons at good old Bob Evans and managed to spill an entire container of iced tea all down my shirt...an event that has not occurred since my very first day of work there over four years ago.


9. Had a bonfire with my Bob's besties.

10. Celebrated DK's merit badge award-ment (9!)!

11. Anxiously awaited ANNA's arrival...

12. Enjoyed x infinity the time we got to spend with the infamous Anna Carrera in Ohio: from photoshoots (duh) to empanada making and (of course) watching each of the three Toy Story movies and quoting it the entire weekend she was home (and before that...and after that...and always...)...

13. Ate a delicious desert à la Mama and saw Funny Girl (for the first time...LOVED it!) at the Ohio Theatre with Daddy!

14. Helped Sara get all prettied up (like she needed help!) by curling her hair for her 2-year anniversary with Mike! (: Yes I still take credit for their endless years of bliss...to infinity and beyond! And yes, I would've put a super cute posing picture of them two but all the ones I took on my camera were blurry...guess I was so nervous because they just looked so darn good! Just take my word on it (;

15. Wondered why a crib was installed in my bedroom a week before I was leaving for Utah...hmmm...

16. Enjoyed dessert + movie nights with Mama (while watching Finding Neverland for the first time!!). <3 JD.

17. Celebrated Tia Rury's 25th birthday! (; with the Chilean cousins. I'll let you guess who actually ended up blowing out the candle...

18. Packed (and watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians twice through..?!) and mostly just talked and goofed off with Sara the night before leaving for Utah!

And...I did tons of other things. Saw other friends before I left, went running a bunch, said some "see ya later"s and eventually I was all packed up and hit the sack Sunday night (8/21) quite a bite late (or I guess you could say early...depending on how you look at it (; ) and just like that...we (Daddy + I) were getting ready to leave to DRIVE baby blue out to UTAH! Stay tuned for our road trip excursion update later this week (: 

I miss you Ohio! Thanks for such a stellar summer (:
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