myrtle beach part one: en route to greensboro, north carolina.

after much running around-ness on thursday [6/30], we finally made it out the door, into the car, + on our way to the beach! first stop: greensboro, north carolina. the plan was to drive there thursday [7-8 hours], spend the night in a hotel, then the next morning [friday] dad would go to work in the morning [kreber [aka the company he works for] has two divisions: one in ohio and one in north carolina], then come pick us up for lunch and we'd spend the rest of the day sightseeing + partying it up poolside, then we'd spend one more night in the hotel and in the morning [saturday] we would depart for myrtle beach, south carolina [4.5 hours]!!

daniel + i were more than excited + ready to get going while piled in the backseat with all of our luggage + things.

but it didn't take too long for boredom to set in..

and some sleepiness..

and some overall 'are-we-there-yet?!' / other restless behavior.

and don't even bother asking, i do not know why i was eating my sweatshirt the entire time.

finally we made it... out of ohio! mr. fish in the rear-view mirror was more than pleased when we crossed the ohio river into.. west virginia!!

we made a nice pit-stop for dinner at [where else??] mcdonald's. dk + i of course had to snag some playtime while we were waiting for our food to be ready. can you spot him in the following picture??

just love playplaces. oh! and this particular mcd's also had the largest bathroom stall lineup that i have ever seen.

after dk snagged his 10-piece chicken mcnuggets, we were on our way to our next stop: virginia!

yes, he did eat all of those. ps did you ever know this really pretty building [i think the capitol?] is in west/regular virginia? i don't remember which one, but i know it's pretty. and i notice it every time we make this trip.

we also passed through a handful of tunnels en route...

and after one last pit stop at a gas station in virginia [this one's for you, micae!]...

[he's an expert with drinking shots... in case you can't tell]... we made it to our hotel in greensboro, north carolina!!

ayayaya! just one step closer to the beach (:


  1. i grinned bigtime at that picture:)
    just love virginia!!!
    i'm so glad you're having so much fun!!

  2. hah so proud that he can eat that many mcnuggets ( :


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