mb pt. 8: homeward bound.

alas, saturday [7/9] came around all too soon, and it was our last morning on the beach. i got up right around sunrise and enjoyed my last barefoot beach run for the year in about twenty minutes of running and probably another twenty or so just walking along the beach taking pictures.

this was the cherry grove pier that i usually ran down to + back, as it was my fifteen minute/ 1.5 mile turn-around for the week:

once i turned around after i passed the pier was when i really noticed the difference in the brightness of the sky post-sunrise! it was gorgeous!

and while the beach itself may look flawlessly smooth, there were plenty of stretches of sand along the way where there were mass amounts of shells to hop over:

but! luckily i collected my fair share of pretty shells, including this gem of a [perfect!!] sand dollar that i found!

i enjoyed the sights a bit more,

and even asked a nice runner friend to snap a picture of me with my shells (:

and after [playing in the sand] taking a bunch more pictures [baby wave!],

i took one last look at our condo from the beach [top right hand corner],

and headed inside to shower, eat breakfast, pack up + get out on the road to head back home to ohio!

we passed lots of interesting sights on our way home, through the carolinas and virginias, including this huge mountain of a... mountain. that used to be a volcano! doesn't it just look like someone took a scoop of ice cream off the top of it and plopped it right next to where they took it out??

awesome. after DK ate some ice cream of his own [from mcd's, no less], and another 12-or-so hours of driving north, we made it home before 10:30pm! enough time for us to unpack, me to finish my talk, and for 
all of us to get right to bed before another sunday was upon us (:

myrtle beach, we miss you. but we'll see you next year!

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  1. what a fun vacation. wish i could have been there. miss you guysss.


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