mb pt. 7: barefoot landing

friday [7/8] was sadly our last full day in myrtle beach ): but we definitely more than enjoyed the entirety of the rest of our trip! minus not being able to go parasailing in the morning because it was so darn windy!

we didn't let that rain on our parade though (: instead i went for an eighty-minute [eight-mile?] barefoot beach run (:

and my feet didn't even fall off!

wahooooo! my first [and probably only-ever] midday run where i didn't feel like i was dying the whole time (: loved ittttt.

after a bit more game-playing [playing sorry! this time around],

we were headed off to barefoot landing!

dk + i, of course, wasted no time running over to our favorite bungee-jumping trampolines!!

just love jumping + flipping (:

after we were sufficiently sweaty from jumping around so much in the heavy humidity, we headed over to mama's favorite -  the tigers!!

giving up a little smooch for the baby! and please note the monkey on this fella's back in the following picture hahah [and yes he is wearing a diaper!]:

after these fun activities we were crazy hungry so we headed over to this mega yummy italian/greece restaurant...which name currently escapes me. but it was great! and it was a nice celebration dinner for mama + daddy's month-a-versary!

eating chocolate cake... naturally! and guess what daniel got..??

surprise surprise (: dk + i also really enjoyed our extra-yummy dessert: some kind of italian chocolate ice cream ball... which i also don't know the name of. but it was stellar!

after our yummy dinner [which was an enclosed booth - by "privacy curtains!!" -with the cushions at least 6-ft. tall...aka best dinner. ever.], we headed over to watch a quick show from some guy from this past season of america's got talent: nick pike! he made it all the way to the top 48 but he was eliminated shortly thereafter... oh well. definitely enjoyable enough for us beach folk (:

you can check out one of his agt acts here:

after this experience, we enjoyed our fair share of goofing around taking pictures of all the other lovely sights we saw (:

ps i promise we didn't realize there was a strict 'no pictures taken with hats' policy when we took this next one...

and after a little reminiscing [remember this, ruth??]

and some beautiful scenery:

we were off back home to enjoy our final night in our condo on the beach!


  1. all the food pics are making me hungry. love the tiger ones too!!

  2. um I got SO many comments from people who came over for the bday party about moms tiger pic... everyone thought it was like the coolest thing ever!!! also, love those blues brothers :)

    and you know I've never done that bungeee tramp thing... back in the day when I went to MB all we did was play at the beach... way to get the fam to do MUCH cooler things now :) love you and see you in a few weeks!!!


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