mb pt. 6: broadway at the beach!

thursday [7/7] was a high-energy day, to say the least. started off the morning first thing going jet-skiing with daddy! talk abut extremely fun! i had never driven a jet-ski before [and neither had he] and we both enjoyed speeding up + jumping over waves and getting some serious air! i got some pictures but they were on our underwater camera, so maybe those will come later when we finish the roll and get the pics developed!

after returning from jet-skiing, we [of course!] went out to the beach and had tons of fun catching some seriously huge waves on our wake boards. after soaking up some more sun, we all showered up + headed out to central myrtle beach so that [first] mama could enjoy her first ever helicopter ride with daddy!

leaving behind a gate reading "danger"... hmmm.

not that dk + i were worried or anything for their lives as they left us behind...

no worries though, we passed the time anxiously eating some icee popsicles,

and before we knew it [three minutes-ish later], they were back [alive!]!

wahooooo! once they were back safe + sound, we were off to broadway at the beach!

we had tons of fun here... so much fun stuff to look at/stores to shop through/pretty scenery! kinda like barefoot landing in north myrtle beach, but way more hip!

we enjoyed starting off at dk's favorite store... "IT'SUGAR"... where, well, everything was candy/sugar-related. what's not to love??

dk's pitch for ruth + drew:

made with 254,093 jelly belly jelly beans... and only $25,000! what a steal!

don't even bother asking, of course i didn't leave that store with at least one of those lunchboxes in hand! i got the one on the right (: thanks again, daddy!

+ i almost bought this bag just for youmicae - no reason, really (;

we strolled around for awhile longer, stopping for din at johnny rockets [mama's choice!]. the rest of the night, we enjoyed:

stopping for pictures in front of fountains for dk,

saying hello to lady liberty,

finding some bunny-related things for our anna,

dancing with the awesome $80 colored bouncing lights,

posing for our adoring fans,

getting an awesome viking balloon hat,

and, of course, posing with said hat in front of our favorite upside-down house: wonderworks!!

so scary. but so awesome! apparently, it's like a cooler, older-kid version of cosi - including an indoor ropes course and zip lines!! we [obviously] got there a little too late, but don't you worry - it's on our list of places to go on our next visit to myrtle beach (:

after ending our excessively humid day at this wonderful place, we headed home and promptly went to bed!


  1. <3 the lights. we had some like that in the HFAC ( :

  2. hahahahahah. i just love you. i just finished reading all of these beach posts and i'm obsessed:)
    oh and thanks for remembering me when you saw the bag...
    just love kisses;)


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