mb pt. 5: mini golf + calabash!

wednesday [7/6] was probably a happier day for dk than for the rest of us! he had been without his nintendo dsi for over 24 hours already, so he was a much happier sight in the morning when all was well again:

he forgot about this long enough to remember to apply the proper amount of sunscreen, of course, before going out to the beach for the morning!

meet the next face of coppertone...? eesh. kidding (:

after a wonderful morning at the beach, we returned inside to some of this:

and a lot of this throughout the course of the week:

thank goodness the family that owned the condo left behind a family game pack that included chess! we must've played at least a dozen games over the course of the week. lovelovelove chess.

after we were all clean + showered up, it was time to head out to do our one big 'kron family tradition' for whenever we go to the beach... mini golfing! at professor hacker's lost treasure golf.

it was crazy awesome. we even got to ride a train to the top of the mountain to begin the course! super snazzy, if you ask me. here's a look at our awesome putting [+ one of daddy's two hole-in-ones!]:

the rest of the game pretty much followed suit after that! daddy won [obviously] and then dk + i trailed somewhere after (: it was a really pretty course though, filled with handfuls of blue-watered waterfalls and cute little houses along the way!

and guess who else got a hole-in-one?!

(: so exciting!

after our mini-golfing adventure, we headed off to check out a new rental agency that owns practically every other condo along the oceanfront [and coincidentally has the same name as one of my bffs!]

and after a nice visit to our old shark friend at bargain beachwear [remember this, ruth??],

we were off to calabash [actually in north carolina, right at the very bottom] - the seafood capital of the world!! or so it claims... aka my choice for dinner for the week (: and boy, was i impressed!

mama + daddy + i all split the seafood deluxe platter or something along those lines... aka mega yummy! scallops, clams, shrimp, even CRAB!! which i definitely had a little too much fun playing around with... sorry little guy.

can you see the eyes?! that's what creeped me out the most... eesh.

dk demonstrated the proper way to make a 'fishy face':

and daddy enjoyed his yummy food, too!

at least the little amount that i left for him... oops.

i think it's safe to admit i have a soft spot for seafood... in my stomach. i felt like a bottomless pit that night, i just keep eating and eating off of everyone's plates! yum (:

of course, after we were done, dk had to reenact his french fries + seagulls game from the last time we came to the beach...

needless to say, the seagulls were not pleased with how dk was teasing them and i think you could say that they got the last word this time...

so after that little fiasco, dk enjoyed running around looking like a hillbilly without his shirt on while we took some pictures by some of the pretty boats in the harbor right outside our restaurant.

came home + enjoyed a nice 30-minute [3-mile?] barefoot night run on the beach... i seriously could. not. get. enough. watched some america's got talent as a fam while i did my ab workout and then we all headed off to bed (:

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  1. aww. i miss mini golf. and those seagulls are ridic. bet they remembered DK from last time...


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