mb pt. 4: independence day at the beach!

waking up monday [7/4] was the bestt. i jumped right out of bed and was ready for beachtime!

dk was too impatient for me to leave the room for him to change into his bathing suit, so he opted to change in the closet...

the boys got ready to hit the beach and we were off!

dk + daddy wasted no time in their sandcastle construction...

whoo! things got a little steamy on the beach with the humidity...

and mama + i went right to work on our tans! yes, i am smiling in this picture. don't judge.

after enjoying our morning out in the sun, we headed back inside for the afternoon and enjoyed watching some dustin movies a la ruth's blog,

+ dk enjoyed chatting away with his far away sisters via telephone.

we ended up deciding to spend the day inside/at home for the night and enjoyed some pizza hut ordered in + enjoyed watching anna's july 4th newscast simultaneously (:

right after the newscast i ran outside [literally...] so that i could get my monday run in! i didn't have any way to figure out my mileage exactly [as i opted to do just barefoot running along the beach each day we were there], so i just ran the equivalent to 10-minute miles sans-shoes (: and it was GLORIOUS. ps i love my new pink irongirl sunglasses! i got them at sports authority the week before we left... and they are AMAZING in every way! they stayed right on my face and were totally comfortable that most of the time i forgot they were even on! at only $29.99 at sports authority, i highly recommend these for anyone who runs outside in sunlight [or anyone who might be out jet-skiing anytime soon... i used them then, as well, and they never even came close to falling off!]. amazing.

when i was done with my [first official barefoot!] 30-minute run, i was greeted on the strip of beach right in front of our condo by this hunk-ish sight:

what a beach babe, especially with that kitty cat towel!

the boys had found a few stellar sand "castles" that people had put on display in honor of our great country!

...and the taj mahal! because it's awesome and definitely important in some country, right?

of course, by the time we got back inside it was nearing time for fireworks on the beach [!!!] - something that i don't think any of us had ever experienced before, so it was very exciting to say the least. i quickly showered and we headed out to the beach for [super crazy windy] fireworks off of the cherry grove pier, about a twenty-minute walk from where we were staying, but we walked about 1/2 that and still had a decent enough view! 

ps, did i mention it was windy??

however, i must say: myrtle beach fireworks [at least the ones we saw] do not even compare to red, white + boom back in ohio!! although it was pretty awesome to stand on the beach and have the waves lap up to your feet/ankles/knees while you stand in the ocean and watch a celebration of our great nation's birthday (:

after the show was over, we headed back inside to wash the sand off our feet in the tub,

and watch the nation's celebration in washington dc on tv!

i had never watched that whole performance before, it was pretty neat!

after it was over, we went to bed to rest up for official beach day #2, tuesday [7/5]! after a good night's sleep and a morning on the beach [minus me...i had incurred a fair amount of sunburn on my upper thighs and chest [?? aka weirdest places to get sunburn, if you ask me [but i never get sunburned so... any sunburn is weird to me. okay. moving on.]]], mama + daddy enjoyed some sentimental time, relaxing as they should be on vacation (:

what lovebirds! (: we later headed out to fill up gas in the car - where i found this little gem of a mural painted on the next-door building to the gas station:

"lil amy, '98." haha. so cute (:

 i got the pleasure [naturally] of enjoying this little booger's company in the backseat as we headed off to [mama's choice] golden corral for dinner!

we were all super hungry so it was nice to pick what food we wanted to eat specifically, as you do normally at buffets...

dk with his pizza [even though we had pizza last night for dinner...made no difference to him],

daddy with his little cupcake,

mama with her [surprise!!] chocolate,

and me with the cutest little ceasar salad you'll ever find!

SO YUMMY. om nom. mama also noticed a little plaque they had hanging on their wall on our way out the door, and it was super cute and had a bunch of cute little sayings. check it out [+ click it to make it bigger!]:

awesome. we drove around a bit more after dinner to check out broadway at the beach! we just drove around, but we knew after seeing this that we would be coming back, for sure:

more on that later (:

we drove around so long that we started to go crazy and singing weird songs like this one [and for the record, the church we pass in the vid is indeed the one we went to on sunday!]..

you can see the real 'gang fight' parody here [loved/sung by our family all week long.. haha]:

"have i brought this chicken for us to no eat?" hahah. too funny. we headed home and dk + the parentals enjoyed a nice walk along the beach while i enjoyed a glorious 50-minute [5-mile?] barefoot night run along the beach... mmm. i could get used to this. (:

after we all returned inside, mama and daddy went off to bed and dk + i were rehearsed our best nerdy behavior because we were so wide awake..

but shortly thereafter,

we went right to bed! somewhere around midnight or so.

hopefully i'll get another post in here pretty soon... stay tuned for part 5 (:

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  1. DK w/ kitty cat towel = awesome.

    also the bed spreads look like the shower curtains we used to have...remember?


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