mb pt. 3: beach time!

a bit before 5pm on saturday [7/2] we finally made it to our beach condo: a summer's place. mm. perfect name. and just look at that ocean view from our balcony!!

wahoooo! it was super hot + humid out, but we were able to get everything unloaded pretty quickly and then dk + daddy + i headed off to the grocery store to stock up while mama stayed home to unpack and get the condo feeling more home-y for us upon our return (:

we found a few drew-related things between our shopping at boulineaus,

to seeing what our neighbors across the street had strewn over their balcony all weekend.


of course, as soon as we successfully unloaded our millions of dollars in groceries and dk showed off his brand new stunna shades,

we all headed right out to the BEACH!!

you can see a nice little peek into our beautiful beachness here:

so daniel [naturally] wasted no time at all getting into the water.

and mama + daddy didn't even mind how crazy windy it was (:

lol @ dk's waving in the background:

the sunset from our "backyard" was gorgggeous that night.

dk enjoyed some more playing in the sand,

and then we failed pretty terribly at getting some jumping pictures before it was time to go inside.

and i counted my blessings of how lucky i was to have this kiddo to bunk with all week long!

we tried to get to bed at a decent time and then woke up the next morning bright + early for church on sunday [7/3]! i [re-]met a friend from byu in the myrtle beach ward.. how cool is that??

jenna wylie - we went on a double date with two boys that were bffs freshman year! her fam was here for vacation, too. and our beautiful mamas hit it right off (:

they're originally from west virgina and so their closest temple is ours in columbus! so hopefully we can see them sometime when they come up (: small world!

after the three-hour block, we came home and enjoyed some reading, napping, and hanging out together as a family for the rest of the day.

+ of course with dk doing his fair share of this:

after dinner, dk connected with his seagull friends while calling out to them over the balcony and then we enjoyed a nice walk on the beach during sunset (:

we came back just in time to let our feet soak for a bit in the pool and compare who-was-tanner-than-who at the start of the week.

it might look like i'm winning at this point, but dk did [sadly] beat me out by the end of the week. oh well! came home + enjoyed going right to bed so we could get up early for our first real full day of playing on the beach!

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