mb pt. 2: north carolina adventures + off to the beach [really!].

friday [7/1] we woke up and when daddy headed off to work for the morning, i headed down to the la quinta fitness center to run an easy 2 miles in about 15 minutes on one of the treadmills. after cooling down a bit + eating some hotel waffles for breakfast, dk + i headed off to soak up some summer sun at the outdoor pool! we came in and promptly showered + headed off out to lunch all together at none other than...

that's right: steak 'n' shake! a kron family favorite (; dk enjoyed an m&m shake,

and dancing along to the digital jukebox.

we were only disappointed that we couldn't pay with our $100 bill!

laaaaaame. after our tummies were full, we headed off to the heart of greensboro to take a tour around the north carolina division of kreber! we had more fun taking pictures and posing with the things we found than most people would find believable. ps: kreber is a creative + photography company. therefore, lots of the pictures are of sets/props/furniture/other fun stuff that they have lying around (:

waiting in the waiting room: so artsy!

first on our tour were the gorgeous dining room sets.

then a walk down 'wall street'

followed by an extended period of playtime in the prop room.

and a few favorites:

why is all the rum gone?

and a little something put together for our bunny-loving sister:

ps if i ever get a bird [not likely, but still], i am totally coming back here to get one of these awesome bird cages:

also, another plug for miss anna banana: we had lots of fun playing with the hula-hoops!

well, once we finally figured out how to hula without hitting all of the props around us in the process.

wahooo! we definitely have to get anna one of these: it keeps track of each hula!

don't worry, we didn't actually do that many. dk + i cheated so you could see that it could get up really high (;

we then ventured over to all the other gorgeous bedroom/living room sets [where you can't go and touch anything or else you'll mess everything up and a designer will have to come back in and spend countless hours fixing the ripples in the curtains or the pillows on the beds.. you think i'm joking. i'm not!]. we found out that if you try to take a picture of a set that is already set-up with lights around it [for photographing purposes, of course] then their flashes will automatically go off as soon as they detect your camera's flash going off.. hence these ghostly pictures:

pretty creepy, huh??

we then visited the in-house house that they built... inside... crazy. aka totally awesome.

and found a handful of other fun things in the remainder of our tour, including:

shoe chairs,

[it was at this point that dk started getting a little sleepy.. and those chairs were pretty comfy!]

a cast-away reference,

a party piñata,

some old fashioned typewriters,

and some crazy-cool old-fashioned cameras [this one is in the lobby!]

basically, kreber is awesome. the end.

after our tour was complete, we headed off to main street in thomasville, north carolina and enjoyed picking out some new hairpieces,

checking out the "big chair": a 30-ft. tall, over-sized seat that is a symbol of the area's famous furniture industry,

and also snapping a few photos by the pretty fountain right across the street from the aforementioned chair.

and i just couldn't help myself posting this next one... please excuse my extra-asian eyes [in all of these, really.]:

another life lesson learned: don't leave your sunglasses in the car on an extra-sunny day when you know pictures will be taken.

after heading back to the hotel for a bit for a pool-side cool-down, dk + i quickly showered clean and we headed out for dinner at tripps.. yummmmm! i split the chicken, broccoli + four cheese pasta with mama: dee-li-cious.

sorry i ate about 3/4 of it before taking the picture.. my taste buds took over before i remembered i should probably document this deliciousness for future generations.

after some more family fun at tripps [aka mama's way of preventing dad from peeking over to the bar to watch wimbledon on the tvs],

we headed home for the night and promptly went to bed. first thing in the morning, i got up + successfully completed my long run of 7.0 miles in just about an hour. aka longest run to date!! wahoooo!

yummmmm! just <3 being sweaty.

after a bit more time in the pool [a la dk, of course], 

we finally showered up + were all set to check-out of the hotel and get on our way to myrtle beach, sc!!

we stopped just once on our four-hour trip at hardee's for lunch... dk + i were less than pleased with the wait time for our food...

but we made friends with a few robots,

and took an easy nap before getting back out on the road!

daniel showed off his waffle-iron curled plate as his souvenir from la quinta,

and after seeing a lot of this:

we were more than ready to get out to the beach!

although a little rain [?!] came out to try and dampen our spirits,

we stayed strong + pulled through the last 30-minutes of our trip waiting in the rainy backed-up traffic and finally made it to... the beach!! stay tuned for the beach update later (:


  1. 7 miles in an hour?!?! you would kill me :)
    1) LOVE the props.
    2) WAY to take all those pics!!! A+ on all of them :)
    3) why is dad using that bowling pin as a bat???
    5) We need that hula hop counter!!!
    6) you have GOT to make more, shorter posts so I can remember all this stuff i want to comment on!!!!


  2. 1. just love bunnies and hula hoops
    2. i bet the kardashians have those shoe chairs
    3. so proud on the 7 miler!
    4. easy nap = awesome
    5. miss you guysss <3


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