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i would blame my lack of updating on the large amount of pictures/documenting that i had to do for our myrtle beach trip, but let's face it: i have a knack for getting behind. at least i'm updating though, right??

anywho, let's rewind a bit and i'll try to get caught up by the end of the day... or maybe tomorrow? sure why not.

sunday [7/10] we were back at home, sweet, home in ohio! i gave my talk on keeping the sabbath day holy at church bright + early in the single's ward and mama, daddy + dk all graciously came along to hear me talk for ten minutes (: the rest of the day we all enjoyed catching up on some more R&R - much needed after such a long and faraway vacation, right?

monday [7/11] mostly all i remember was that it was crazy rainy and so dk couldn't go over to axel's and play in his pool... so axel came over here instead for the afternoon. in the morning, however, i do know [thanks to my running journal!] that i ran 3.01 miles in 28:29 on the treadmill at planet fitness! it was little rough - mostly because the whole past week i had taken a vacation from wearing shoes/socks + running on a hard surface/going absolutely nowhere because the ground is moving for you underneath your feet. aka, i definitely love running on my own much, much better than treadmill running... so once i get my garmin/decide which one to get - i will be running outside much, much more often (: worked from 5pm-8:30pm...give or take an hour or so. home, bedtime.

tuesday [7/12] i got up and ran 5.01 miles in 45:21...again on the treadmill at pf, and again - not my best run. i had to stop and walk a few times - something i absolutely hate to do. but at least i finished the five miles, and that's what counts to me! i don't remember much else from this day, except for sleeping in a bunch [as i did most of the week] and then working, 5:30pm - close.

wednesday [7/13] was the first time i picked up my camera since myrtle beach! so i can remember a little more clearly what exactly i did this day (: didn't run in the morning because i knew i'd be running [night run!!] with johnny boy later on, at night [obviously]. went to H&M with col in the morning and bought some souuuuuper cute stuff!

took this/went there mostly just for anna...just dying and dying sometimes waiting for her to get here to ohio so we can go back together!! (:

enjoyed my #1 favorite-ever dinner.. steak escape + their lemonade.. YUMMMM. col just loved, too.

after a photobooth session [i'm not sure the best way to upload photobooth pictures when they don't provide you with a web URL to get your pictures from.../i think i'm just too lazy. but they were awesome. trust me.], we headed home and i enjoyed taking DK out to menchie's for some froyo delicousness, dublin-style [and yes, anna, i will take you there when you get here (: ] after he got done with scouts. just love little ice-cream-man spoons.

after DK surprised me by dressing up with some of my recently purchased goods [guess who he's impersonating??], the fam headed off to bed,

and i went to johnny boy's house where we enjoyed a wonderful 4.5 mile outdoor night run with just the full moon [or something close to it] illuminating our run through powell... gor.ge.ous. we finished in about 38:12 but we also stopped quite a bit en route so i know my watch isn't exactly accurate.. and we went a bit off the beaten path, as well, so the mileage is more of a guess from john's perspective. whatever. runs are fun even without timing yourself (: it was just a great night. minus my dehydration and improper fueling [eating froyo right before a run = no bueno], it was grand. enjoyed a tall glass of chocolate milk post-run at his place before heading home for the night.

thursday [7/14] was fantastic! it was a rest day for me...but instead of doing cross-training i was just extra lazy and slept in. gotta stop doing that sometime...mama called when she was almost home from her errands and had me take the boys [dk + axel] to meet her at graeter's for some ice cream...is it even possible to say no to that?? even if it means dealing with these two for a little extra time:

the #1 reason graeter's will eternally be #1 ice cream in my heart: these chocolate chips chunks!!

om nom. came home + got all dolled up to go to see a midsummer night's dream - shakespeare in the park at schiller park in german village [that was a mouthful] with daddy!

we even snuck up on stage during intermission and got a few pictures with the set! it was gorgeous and the show was amazing and hilarious and incredibly well done overall - especially for a free production!!

it was a gorgeous night for a show, too. we had a great time (:

friday [7/16] rolled around and i was really feeling down from my not-so-bueno workouts earlier this week and just felt crashed and just slept in [yes, again] instead of getting a run in. boo. however, we did get to enjoy a nice visit from our favorite parsons kiddos for the afternoon!

and i demonstrated how i am still a child [not just in the way that i look like a preteen] in the fact that i still like to cut my sandwiches [peanut butter and banana.. YUM] in little triangles. it just tastes better, okay?

enjoyed going downtown for dinner and eating some yummy cane's with my ohio amigos: sara whit, mike + mikey a.

just love having good company and extra-good food in my tummy. enjoyed watching RANGO for the first time [!!!] with mama for the night while dk enjoyed a sleepover with westley + daddy was out with grandma. if you haven't seen this movie, please do yourself a favor and get it for $1 from redbox [aka what we did] or see it in the dollar theatre...or just buy it and buy me a copy too, if you feel like it. it's impossible to not laugh your head off, just imagining jdepp doing/saying all these extra-goofy things in this movie.. + all of the acting references. LOVED IT. ten stars. at least.

saturday [7/17] woke up bright + early [at like 8am, maybe] to go bike riding with daddy at a trail we'd never been on at antrim park.

i didn't have any way of tracking the mileage [garmin watch...i need you!] but we were out for about 1.5-2 hours total, enjoying a nice walk around the lake post-bike ride. got home and went to the gym [since i was supposed to get my long run in this day...] and well, that didn't happen. i didn't wanna overdo things so i just ran an easy 2 miles in 15:40. came home, helped dad pull some weeds/fix up the garden area for grass planting, then came inside and watched anna's awesome hour-long special on merrill  and their rebuilding in wisconsin post-crazy tornadoes. she's awesome. went to work shortly thereafter from 5pm - close. enjoyed a delicious peach cobbler [aka all-time favorite dessert...at bob's at least] with johnny boy post-work once we finally got outta there, then headed straight home for sleep!


  1. H&M / COL / FROYO / SitP / RANGO / so jealous of everything.


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