today was perfect.

today i was listening to the radio with mama when i heard a commercial for a kenny loggins concert upcoming in ohio.

kenny loggins = sings "footloose" = i thought my dad might be interested, maybe.

so i did this:

and it came up with this:

and i gasped. because i was pretty sure that paul's 2010-11 concert ended back in may and i had missed out on what people were telling me would be his last concert tour... maybe ever [yeah, right!!].

so then, naturally, i went to his official site. and saw this:

and then clicked a bit further and found this:

CINCINATTI, OHIO!!!!!! i screamed. then i immediately went here and clicked there:

and clicked to get here, and then clicked a bit more:

and a handful of phone calls/texts to john [aka ohio beatle's friend] + a lot of hyperventilating [all in less than an hour] i ended up HERE:

and HERE:

AND [going down in the history books, for my posterity] ON AUGUST 4, 2011, i will be SO CLOSE to THIS beautiful man:

..give or take a few years i guess (: ahhhhhhhfldksajfs. i am BEYOND beyond beyond stoked out of my mind. today was seriously perfect.

well, almost. (:


  1. haha yay for sir paul!!! dad will be so proud. whats that thing you have charting your goals?? pretty cute! good work on getting almost all of them!!ovessss <3

  2. do you use joe's goals? sounds like that'll be a fun concert!


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