these life-long recaps need to end sometime

okaaaaay ready for a 2x huge picture-long post? because i have almost two weeks worth of my life to catch you up on... yeeeeesh. let's see if i can even remember this far back...

monday [6/6] was liesen's 25th birthday! feliz cumplea├▒os primita! i slept in pretty crazy late and then went off to the gym but i only got two miles in instead of three... basically i thought my awesome new shoes were a bit too big for me [they were a size seven instead of my typical six-and-a-half] so i ran in my old shoes... biiiiiiig mistake. my feet were not so happy so i had to cut my workout short so i didn't risk hurting myself anymore than i probably already had. it seriously makes such a difference running in your old, worn-out shoes once you've already experimented with your bouncy, fresh and brand spankin' new shoes.

anywho, came home, showered, then went with mama + danoo to babysit the parsons kids [and i kicked myself the whole way there for forgetting to bring my camera! they are the cutest kids aliiiiiive.] [minus baby d]. came home after that, then ran off to work from 4:30pm-close.. woooo-hoooo!

tuesday [6/7] i skipped cross-training at the gym to get some extra sleep in the morning. went shopping in the morning with mama at old navy and we ended up buying a handful of things for her + i and nothing for dk... even though our initial reason for going there was just to buy flip flops for him... whooooops. i blame it on my carrera genes (; later went to grandma's around 2pm to help her sort through all of her recipes [she has tons!!] - mostly all of them looked so so yummy. can't wait to get my hands on some of them!!

came home just in time to eat real quick then change + get off to work from 5pm-close. i figured i wouldn't be doing anything after work so i made myself some yummy "love yourself" french toast topped with fresh bananas + strawberries to eat while i closed up shop. meaning of course i didn't actually make it but i did use all of my artistic abilities into whip-creaming that heart on top.

as soon as i got off i realized that i had a text from the bestie who was wondering if we were going to hang out or not... i had completely forgotten that we made plans to see each other once i was off work! so circa 11pm i swung by her house to pick her up + we were off to steak 'n' shake to get our chocolate fix. and eat a bunch of other food that we weren't even hungry for.

don't bother ask what i'm doing. because i'm not even really sure.

we had lots of fun cracking up at the multiplicity of stories we had to exchange [and at whatever awkwardness presented itself as each new person/group walked into steak 'n' shake because we were seated by the front and seemed to know every single person coming in to eat that night]. too. much. fun. drove her home after eating some of the yuckiest 25-cent gumballs we have ever had the displeasure of trying and went promptly to bed.

wednesday [6/8] is one of those days that i don't really remember what happened... maybe this is a sign i should blog more often. i remember that i went grocery shopping because i needed fruit for my salad + daddy wanted some for taking to work. now, don't get me wrong, i love fruits. there are so may different kinds and they are all so yummy and [naturally] sweet. i lovelovelove summertime mostly because the fruit always tastes soso fresh. alas, i have to admit that there is one set of fruit i really cannot stand.

raspberries. i don't know what it is, but their furry hairs + odd-feeling texture + overall squishiness when you bite into them... eeeesh. my skin is crawling just thinking about it. blackberries + raspberries = no me gustan tampoco. these are my fruity choices:

yum.yum.yum.yum. these mixed with some bananas + purple grapes = among my faves. sorry raspberries.

sometime after grocery shopping and documenting my distaste for certain berries... i went off to [surprise!!] work from 5pm-close.

thursday [6/9] i slept in crazy late as well.. missing time to cross-train as well, whoops. at least i got up [barely] in time to get showered + go to voice lessons with danoo + steph!

basically. awesome. except poor daniel was mega tired after staying up welllll past midnight the night before at a sleepover, so he crashed about 15 minutes into his lesson and went home while i pressed onward with my own. no worries though, after a couple hours' worth of a nap, he made a full recovery (:

came home, went to work from 5:30pm-close. anyone else sensing a pattern here?

friday [6/10] i pulled myself together enough to go to the gym and fun a couple of miles - my first real run in my new shoes! i forgot to mention that yesterday [thurs. 6/9] i finally had time to go back to frontrunner and talk to them about my shoe-size issue. i was pleased to find out that apparently for long-distance running it is better to have shoes that are about 1/2 size larger than your typical shoe size.. because the longer you run, the warmer your body/feet get and your feet swell, so that extra room is crucial. basically, my run [even just for two miles] was awesome. i was cruising along at an 8 min/mi pace.

came home, showered + was assisted by mama in some sewing activities! she worked on fixing one of her suit coats,

while i learned how not to sew on a button... whoops.

we got so much of my stuff fixed! i love hemming/fixing my clothes that used to be un-wearable because then i come out of my sewing experiences with [one] more sewing expertise, and [two] new clothes! or at least what feels like new clothes (: thanks to my beautiful sewing-expert mama for her long-suffering and patience with me.

after all this i [you guessed it] went to work from 5pm-close. needless to say, it was the worst night of work of my life in the entire four years i have worked at bob evans. i don't like to dwell on the negative though so i will leave it at that. i came home and went to bed and slept like a baby (:

saturday [6/11 - happy birthday cousin brynn!!] woke up after sleeping straight from midnight to noon. went to work at two pm and worked until - no, not close - but 8pm!!

to say i was elated to leave work while it was still light out [something i hadn't done in well over a week... since i had closed every night except sunday] is probably an understatement.

came home.. hung out with the fam and after daniel went to bed i creeped on my parents as they were sitting around on facebook[!!!], crazy kids. they actually [my dad] was invited to join a facebook group for their mission! so they were having fun catching up with old companions and such, looking at pictures, etc. but still, facebook is facebook.

stayed home for a little while longer then went out for a drive to clear my head a bit. came home, bedtime!

sunday [6/12!] was a stellar day at church, per usual. the whole worthington gang took up more than one row! just love reunions and great friends + fun conversations about work-related incidents and meat slicers on the way there + back with jessica and nicole (:

came home and just hung out for awhiiiiile with the family, later going to the henderson's house for a grad/seminary grad/birthday party for riley! sister henderson made the [hugest] most delicious cake of my ever life.

so pretty! too bad there was a bit of a catch...

that's right, trick candles! and pretty mighty ones at that.

don't worry, it only took him like 14 tries to get them all blown out (:

had some girl bonding time with the younger ladies and got such a lovely picture taken with them... and my other favorite honorary sister (;

tahaha. i love him so much.

fully enjoyed hanging out at the henderson's from like 5pm-around 9pm... time seriously flew by! we probably would've stayed longer, but i had a hot date to get to with with this hunkachunk:

yummm. just love neil patrick harris! he was hosting the 2011 tony awards and so, naturally, i ran home and [eventually] made it to rob + lauren's awesome hide-away home [which is basically right next door to my neighborhood, and basically the most awesome house i have ever been in. just. love.] to watch the tony's with col, amanda, austin, steph, kenji + a few otros amigos [and rob + lauren... obviously].

remember when i WENT to the tony's two years ago??

yes. i took that picture. from my SEAT. don't believe me?

nono, this is not photoshopped in anyway. trust me. if i was going to go through the trouble to photoshop myself into being at the tony's i would've picked a more flattering picture of myself (;

needless to say, book of mormon, the musical absolutely [as predicted] completely swept the tony's and even got best musical [for all you non-thespians, that is the best award you can possibly get for a broadway show... it basically assures you fame + success and sold-out seats forever... or at least until the next year's tony's where a new musical will win the title for the season]. and ps for all you non-mormons: the show is not in any way made by, or endorsed by the mormon church. if you have any questions about the REAL Book of Mormon, though, i'd be happy to answer them, or any other questions you might have about the Mormon church/religion/etc! just go ahead + e-mail me or something if you don't feel comfortable commenting it on here. and there are no stupid/awkward questions. trust me! i've heard them all (: 


took amanda home after the tony's were over and then came home and went to beddd.

monday [6/13] [can you believe we've already come full-circle on an entire week?? yikes.] i crawled out of bed and went to go babysit the parsons with danoo + mama. can you guess who gets the best babysitter award? i'll give you a few hints:

yep, you guessed it! mr. dk himself (: 

these kiddos just absolutely adore him. 99% of the time benjamin and/or faith [aka the two little cuties above] were all over him... crawling, hugging, pulling, climbing on, you get the picture. the following the was documented was all of the energy expended by me the entire time i was hard at work vying to win the "best babysitter award" for myself:

someone's gotta put the dvd in the dvd player. you know what they say: many are called, but few are chosen...

we did all have a blast watching finding nemo and playing around until brisley got home from her appointment. i did use a bit more energy when i attempted to capture the perfection that is faith's eyes. this is my best attempt.

don't be misled by her stunning beauty, though. she bites! seriously. just ask the bruise/bite marks on benjamin's cheek if you don't believe me. cute. but deadly. as much as a one-year-old can get, at least (;

once i finally got the strength to pull myself from the couch, we came home and i left to go to the gym and ran an easy two miles at an 8 min/mi pace... just feeling incredibly unmotivated. i guess that's what not working out for a week does to you.. or maybe i'm just bored with my 10K training plan and am just waiting for my marathon training to start on the 20th?? hm. who knows.

came home and showered + don't really remember much of the rest of the day... until nighttime. it was so great to have the whole fam home [mama + daddy + dk + i] and since i had missed out on being home at night for about a week + a half, it was a wonderful breath of fresh air. it was also incredibly gorgeous outside so of course we had to go take a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood to celebrate the occasion!

we have this church at the entrance of our neighborhood and it having a killer huge parking lot

 + some fun [wheelchair-accessible] ramps

= the most fun place to ride your bike [in the neighborhood] [...we don't get out much]!

it was a seriously gorgeous day out! we caught the sun just barely as it was setting. i am obsessed with how green green greeeeeeen ohio is. especially lately. i can handle the humidity any day as long as it looks this pretty all the time (:

mama + daddy enjoyed their walk in peace while daniel + i were off taking pictures and goofing off on our own.

until we found this little critter hiding in a neighbor's yard:

aka a reminder of anna bunny-ana our #1 fave tv reporter... we seriously have to get her a rabbit. asap. and me a kitten. any offers? forget baby-hungry, i am so kitten-hungry it's not even funny! seriously though. the moment i am living in my own place for 12 months out of a full-calendar year it will happen, mark my words...

back to the walk, it ended with daniel taking some pictures on his own while daddy pumped up our bike tires in preparation for our next adventure. he's quite the photographer. this one's my fave [actually my fave was the one he took of our street sign/intersection, but i figured posting that could end up awkwardly if some creeper [heaven forbid] followed this blog.. so we'll leave it at that] [because i do like this one too (: ] :

these are always in the sky out here in ohio. i never see them in utah. makes me love ohio that much more (:

came home, hung out with fam. bedtime!

tuesday [6/14] enjoyed lazying around [aka sleeping in until around 11am] and then eventually got up and headed to the gym. "cross-training" day = sitting on the bike for 30 mins [6.74 mi] and reading my runner's world magazine and counting it as a cardio workout (:

came home, showered, then headed out the door with mama to go pick up daddy + head downtown for brisley's naturalization ceremony! they got u.s. flags and everything.

basically awesome. the judge first had everyone [48 in total [i think]] who was going to be receiving u.s. citizenship stand up one-by-one and state their name and their native country. most went something like this: "my name is [name] and i am from [country] and i am so, so proud today to be an american." it was beautiful. (:

brisley. born + raised in chile. now officially an american citizen!

they all stood up and said the pledge of allegiance as well.

good for any/all americans to know, right? i don't think i had said it since high school before this day.

the judge who was over-seeing the whole ceremony was super sweet and kind. the warden [guy sitting in front of her] didn't seem all too interested in the ceremony, though, to be honest. i was pretty sure he was just on facebook or something the whole time. you tell me what you think.

definitely facebooking or tweeting or something like that and not paying attention, if you ask me.

after the ceremony, biby shook a bunch of hands [hint: she's in the blue]:

and just like that [and lots of $$ and time spent taking tests and such later], she became an official american! just look at that beautiful + happy american couple (: so proud. so proud.

came home from the ceremony and played piano until work time 5pm-[yesss, of course] close!

wednesday [6/15] i slept in really really late... and i don't really remember why, but it's summer so i did and that's a good enough excuse, right? went to the gym and did 3 miles at [typical] 8 min/mi, no incline. ab workout kicked my trash, though. felt great! but there were so many people at the gym when i went [later than usual] and it was... weird. i'm used to seeing a bunch of older people there but instead there were a bunch of college-aged kids there. and it was weird. i guess i better get used to it, though, if i'm going to get a membership anywhere once i get back out to provo [24 hours fitness? gold's gym? any recommendations? no gym > planet fitness, but it doesn't exist in provo so i'm willing to change it up while i'm 2,000 miles away from my #1 gym]... since i will have my baby blue [aka my car!] out with me this year! eeek! (:

i was supposed to work this night from 5pm-close for emily but sean offered to pick it up for me so i happily passed it on and enjoyed spending the night at home with my family (: meaning i played piano for most of the afternoon then went grocery shopping for the fam and we enjoyed a nice pizza dinner courtesy of digiornos! yum in my tum. the boys went out swimming so mama + i headed off to do what any good woman does best... shop the sales at khol's (: my best conclusion from this shopping trip:

workout clothes shopping > regular clothes shopping

sorry if anyone thinks otherwise... but i went into khol's knowing that i wanted one thing [in about six pairs] and came out with them at a buy one, get one half-off price!

these are the adidas climalite/cool socks.. aka my favorite running socks ever [since i bought my first two pairs a month or so ago] because they [a] keep my feet cool [b] actually prevent my feet from sweating as much as they do when wearing normal socks [c] they are beyond comfy + come in crazy cute colors. not that they'll be seen by anything besides the inside of my running shoes, but colors are appealing to me. and they are honestly great socks. i highly recommend them to any runner/other active people out there. at khol's now they're on sale for $9 and [at least yesterday] it was buy one pack [one pack = two pairs of socks] and get the next pack 1/2-off. (:

left khol's about an hour-or-so later with mama with a handful of socks and other cute stuff and came home to greet the boys, then went off to snoozeville.

thursday [6/16] was a happy day because i knew getting up that it was a legitimate day off and after last week it was nice knowing that i had nothing to do all day, no obligations whatsoever! [can you tell i'm ready for our week-long trip to myrtle beach in 12 days??]

ahhhhhhfdjsaklfsda. twelve. more. days. let me know if you want me to send you a postcard (;

hung out around home [after sleeping in... obviously] and mowed the lawn right before the crazy scatter-brained thunderstorms began to hit. it was seriously thundering like crazy for fifteen minutes like the world was going to end and then it would rain for another five minutes and then the sun would come out and dry everything up + all would be right with the world, no trace of rain in sight. just love crazy bipolar ohio weather. went out with dk to get a present for his friend westley's birthday party and got completely caught in the rain... and took a pretty funny video of us running through the parking lot. however, the quality isn't all that great so you can enjoy a video clip that a friend sent me a few nights ago of our freshman year flag football team... and how beyond stellar we were. i think i was named mvp of the game for this bad boy... you'll see why.

ps in case any of you were wondering... i think we lost every game that season. and got one touchdown. or maybe two. actually, probably none now that i think about it. we would 'cheerlead' on our 'brother' team, the merrill meansters [aka the boy's hall that was joined with our girl's hall] and they hardly got any touchdowns... so i bet we got none. don't worry though, none of us are aspiring to be on the nfl or anything... at least not with competition out there like terrelle pryor.

took dk to his party and enjoyed a girls' night in with my #1 fave mama (: i made some yummy potato corn chowder soup from scratch and she seemed to enjoy it... enough to get a second serving!

basically if you love corn chowder and potatoes... you would love this. mix in some onions, ham, celery [trust meee, so yum, adds the perfect crunchiness to it] + some milk and a dash of butter and you're good to go! so so yum. after filling our tummies we settled down to watch a movie: life as we know it.

just the perfect cheesy little romantic comedy we were looking to watch on a night like this (: two beautiful actors and it actually was pretty funny [and true to life] throughout... quite enjoyable overall.

picked danoo up from his party + came home and stayed up a bit to watch some america's got talent since it's my fave summer show and i haven't had hardly any time to watch it lately since i work all nights... boo. thank goodness for hulu (: you can check out my favorite [aka the best] acts by clicking here. and you can check out the other awesome stuff on that blog, too if you want (: it's called every-day-is-awesome because, well, everyday is awesome and so my sisters + friends + i came together to do this blog where each day [we each have one day a week, mine is thursday] where we post something[s] that we think is/are awesome. the end.

fell asleep too late to remember what time it was exactly... then slept through the night like i hadn't slept in years. woke up and it was friday... but [as it is now technically saturday] i feel like this is caught up enough for the meantime. and i would like to sleep. nothing new. i'll try to update more often but hopefully that is [more than] enough for the time being (: xox.


  1. That naturalization ceremony looks AWESOME! I just want to hug everyone there :)

  2. 1. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR COUSIN!! that's totally awesome:)
    2. its kohls... not khols. (ps)
    3. you are basically the most amazing person i know!
    4. that vid brought back so many memories. i legitimately thought i would shed a tear, but alas, i didn't.
    love love love love you<3

  3. oh and 5. i love raspberries. jerk.
    and 6. i want to see that movie!
    oh and 7. it just occurred to me that maybe that girl isn't your cousin...?

  4. 1. i like raspberries too ( : yay micaela
    2. i'm going to kohl's tomorrow to look for those socks. love them!
    3. soup recipe? please and thanks.
    4. LOVE that pic of benjamonkey!
    5. wish i was coming to myrtle beach ) : send me a postcard?


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