sisterly love

my name is sarah kron and i have the two most gorgeous sisters on the face of the planet.

and this is a double-post relating to two things that have to do with them. kind of (:


firstly [the sister on the left, ruth] is super-duper artsy-fartsy [as she has been a stellar-fab art teacher to PG high school for the past two years] and has put together her first giveaway on her blog!

she made these seven lovely looking bowls from scratch [aka on a throwing wheel, but equally awesome] and is giving three away!

[even though it ends tonight.. whoops] you can enter to win one here! and she is awesome and you should [click on her name, above] and take a look at her blog! her life is much more interesting than mine [+ she updates infinityx more often than i do].


secondly, [the sister on the right, anna] is incredibly talented with reporting and other famous-tv-reporter-related nonsense up in wisconsin! you can see one of her works of art/evidence of her storytellingness here! and proof of her awesome reporterness here:

anyway, she did this survey thing on her blog last weekish and its completely random and she suggested i do it, too so here we goooooo!

first, list seven random facts about yourself:

one. i love driving at night. and getting completely lost and then finding my way home.
two. i have only ever run 5Ks but i have [in the past few months] decided to start training for a marathon that i will run in october. 5K --> marathon = possible. call me crazy if you will,  but i will prove it.
three. my little brother [daniel] is my best friend. i can be completely insane + crazy around him and also have the most serious conversations that you can have [and yes, he is twelve years old]. we just get each other so well. i love it.
four. i am obsessed with theatre and everything theatre-related. i want to read every play and see every show possible before i die. i do at times wish i was more singing/dancing/acting/vertically gifted so that i could 'make it big' and be on broadway and all that jazz... but while i love being on stage, my real dream is to be a director , namely high school kids. hence, major = theatre arts education. bam.
five. i lovelovelove the spanish language. the more i speak it at work and home [and write to my spanish-speaking amigos on missions] in the language, the more my love for it grows. i have finally accepted the fact that i will never consider myself 'fluent,' but i love the fact that i know i will constantly be using/learning it throughout the rest of my life.
six. i love being different. whether it's sticking out for being incredibly short, being a mormon, or never having seen any of the lord of the rings movies [gasp], i love all of my differences that make me stand out. although some of them may change over time, these are the kinds of things i love most about myself.
seven. i drink applesauce through a straw. i don't care what you tell me, there is no other way to do it.

1. name your favorite song - it changes... right now let's say it's.. eight days a week. by the beatles.
2. name a song you think is romantic - make you feel my love by adele.
3. name a song you would recommend someone listen to - loving you tonight. by andrew allen.
4. now name your second favorite song - oh gosh. ummmmm.. i really like the song good life. by onerepublic.

here's what these songs say about me [apparently?]

1. this tells how you feel about yourself - i want to love myself eight days a week, naturally.
2. this song tells how you feel about a person you secretly have a crush on - i guess maybe it does? secretly.
3. this song tells how you feel about the person you are in a relationship with -  because we all know who that is..!?
4. this song tells how you think other people view you - yes. exactly. everyone knows that me = the good life. perfect!

that was beyond insightful. wowow.

1. do you think you're hawt?
i don't believe in misspelled words.

2. upload a picture or wallpaper that you are using at the moment.

3. when was the last time you ate chicken?
that is a great question. maybe a few days ago? i really should start keeping track..

4. what are the songs you've listened to recently?
i was just listening to a mix of mixed cds in my car. some of the songs i remember:
on my own - les miserables
don't rain on my parade - lea michele [glee version]
whispering - lea michele [spring awakening]
poker face - lea michele + idina menzel [glee version]

... i think i'm starting to see a trend. thank you to this quiz for helping me realize that i am in love with lea michele + her voice + singing along with her.

5. what were you thinking as you were writing this?
i am thinking... that i am pretty tired. and i am still frustrated at the fact that 'hot' was spelled 'hawt.' that just makes my skin crawl.

6. do you have nicknames?
growing up, i was always so jealous that everyone else seemed to have a million different nicknames. and i never had one. i mean seriously, what can you do with the name 'sarah'?
thank goodness family/friends have gotten creative over the last twenty years.
sarah banara, skroner, s.kron, sarah crown + kronster seem to be the most popular.

7. top eight blogger friends who shall be tagged by this:
oh goodness. i don't know very many people who blog! i'll just pick eight randoms that i think might read this (: how's that?

1. anna banana
2. ruth
3. DK
4. colin
5. sara whit
6. micae
7. emily
8. rachael

who's listed as #1:
anna banana, older sister and famous tv reporter based out of wausau, wisconsin.

say something about #5:
we have been besties since first grade. oh braids.

how did you get to know #3?
i have lived the past [almost] 13 years of his life with him. it's a given.

how about #4?
drama club at davis middle school! i kissed him on the cheek once. and he ran away.

leave a message for #6:
i miss you! please update your blog more often. meep.

do #7 and #8 have similarities?
they are both amigas and live in utah!

why does #2's blog interest you?
because she is my oldest sister and she has an adorable child and i love seeing pictures of him + reading all about the story of her life while are are 2,000+ miles apart.


well, that's over. thank goodness (: real story-of-my-life-the-past-week recap post to come later today [sunday] or tomorrow (:


  1. applesauce through a straw = YES.

  2. meep?
    what the heck?!
    love you<3

  3. 1. Now I have "Good Life" Stuck in my head
    2. you forgot SURRAH. That's the only nickname I've seen your sisters call you
    3. You make me miss theatre more than I already do.

    4.<3 you :)

  4. I didn't run away - I think it was more of a brisk walk :)


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