remember when

last week i had a super monster-long post because i had to catch up on a week's worth of my life?
what's that? you loved that? seeing infinity+ amounts of pictures and my life in detail?
well, great! because i'm about to do the same thing again. (:

so let's see.. we left off on monday, [5/30] memorial day! had to work morning shift [8:30am-2pm] for the first time since i've been home... which of course meant getting in my three-mile run before work, naturally. i love that i have a hobby that i love enough to get up at 6:15am on a holiday to do... true love. 

i wish i could say that it was the best run ever! but it wasn't. i forgot my gym [planet fitness] was closed until 7am... once i had already pulled into the parking lot at 6:50am and didn't have the ten minutes to spare just standing around waiting for it to open if i wanted to get three miles + a shower in before work. so i raced home and ran on basement treadmill for a rough 28 minutes... i really do not like that piece of machinery. hence, my reason for going to pf!

anyway, work was good, especially because i was wide-awake by the time i got there so i was chipper and made mucho dinero on tips. came home from work and hung out with the family/went to scott's grad party and then daniel + i went to the pet store [and saw the whole selph family there!] to hang out with the kittens [anyone want to buy me one??]...

before we went to go see diary of a wimpy kid 2: rodrick rules! and oh my goodness i have never laughed so hard in a kid's movie in my liiiiiife.

if you haven't seen this, it's in the dollar theatre so you have no excuse not to. everyone in the theatre was laughing and although the trailer really doesn't do it justice, you can take a kinda-preview of it here:

hahahah fregley is my favorite. oh! and we also took pictures post-movie. whenever there is a photobooth in sight, you better believe i'm willing to pay $3 to get some cute pictures!

best frienddddd. and yes, i know my head is huge. 
came home, hung out with the fam a bit longer and went to bed!

tuesday [5/31] was pretty uneventful. daniel got really really sick from all his crazy activities [running around at the pancake breakfast, swimming outside, grad party + eating 327 popsicles in one sitting, going to the petstore, seeing a movie with me] -- his life is just so hard. but seriously, he did get pretty sick so i went out and got some yummy popsicles for him [after i endured the 21-minute-long insanity cardio workout that my manager gave me as a "taste-test" for the real deal of insanity... let's just say this: it. was. insane.].
yes, i did take home the best sister award for bringing home that [off-brand, but still yummy] box of frozen flavored sugar. yummm summertime! hung out with him [and updated my blog, a la two posts ago] and went off to work 5pm-close.

wednesday [6/1] was such a happy, happy day! for soso many reasons. first of all, it was national running day!! started the day off by running four miles [8:53, 8:53, 8:41, 8:34] at good old pf with a killer ab workout after. love. it.

came home, showered + headed off to my first voice lesson of the summer with miss steph spiker (: loved singing some aida songs + next week will be even better once daniel's throat is healed enough to sing with us! found out [as daniel + mama had just gotten back from the doctor since his 104-degree temp. had worsened over the night] that daniel officially had strep throat... boooo. went to the kroger pharmacy and made like 3 trips back + forth between there + our house because of all kinds of complications with the prescription.. hahaha. thank goodness nic bowles was there working to help us out! however, i had already figured out what daniel's real ailment was..

some crazy kinda green fungus growing on his tongue!!! just kidding. that's just what happens when your diet is purely fla-vor-ices. aka purely yummy!

anyway, daniel finally got some of his $80[?!] strep-curing medication in his system, so i headed out to chipotle to meet up with johnny boy in celebration of international chipotle day! it was pretty much just a facebook-created event, but it had thousands of attendees world-wide so that makes it legit, right?

i hadn't had chipotle in almost a YEAR. i know. how embarassing.

before you ask, nonono it was not free or anything, just some random fbook event. but it was unbelievably delicious nonetheless.

chicken burrito + lettuce + rice + pinto beans + cheese + a dash of sour cream = ultimate yum. except i always get to this point and feel too full to go on...

but i knew i had to do what i had to do.. so about .5 seconds later:

empty burrito foil. done. anyone wanna go to chipotle with me this week?? i'm already craving it like none other just posting these pictures. yumyumyum.

after indulging, we headed over to frontrunner... aka runner's PARADISE. it was beyond fantastic. SO many shoes [which we were both desperately in need of] [hence the reason we went] [aka really i'm the one that desperately needed new/legit running shoes... i have had mine for over three years now and yes, that is incredibly embarrassing to admit and yes, that is a whole other story] and clothing and gear and seriously just EVERYTHING. like walls and walls of the most beautiful/crazy awesome looking running shoes you have ever seen in your life. and the service was seriously beyond stellar. i don't think i will ever shop for running shoes anywhere else, ever. 

the salespeople seriously know what they are talking about and had us walk around while they watched us and then determined what kind of form we have [i am an overpronator... aka my feet tend to roll inward when i am walking/running] and then got out shoes they thought were best for our form and - get this - they let us take the shoes on "practice runs" outside up and down the street to see how they fit/feel. how awesome is that?? i got what i needed + so did johnny boy and we ran [ha!] out of there super quick so he could [barely] get to work in time + i could get home.

basically i fell in love with each of the three things i got from this store and i am just more than in love with it and i want to go back asap.

firstly, my super-awesome new brooks ravenna running shoes!!

they are AWESOME and soso comfy and were only $99! they have some extra strength there where the darker grey-color is on the side - that is supposed to help balance out my overpronation [fancy ankle rolling]. basically they. are. fantastic. i highly recommend them! even though i know my advice may not be so great because i mean seriously, after running in the same pair of tennis shoes for three years i'm sure anything new would feel fantastic. but still. i'll keep you all posted on how fantastic they truly are. (:

this one will take just a brief explaining. hi, my name is sarah and i have never been able to find headphones to fit my ears. basically long story short, my ears are extra-small on the outside and extra-large on the inside. around-the-ear headphones don't work because my ears are too small. my inner-ears are too large to fit any in-ear head phones... they never stay in, they always just fall right out. so when it comes to running, i have found myself stuck with the over-the-head headphones, otherwise known as headband headphones, and they are super chunky and slightly annoying as they bounce around still a bit in my ears and... just basically, i am always trying new kinds of headphones out in the off-chance that i can find a pair that is lightweight and will actually stay in my ears while i run. at the front desk at frontrunner i found these amazing things:

they are called yurbuds and they are seriously the most fantastic thing i have ever heard of. they have all kinds of different sizes [yes, they 'sized' my earlobes while i was there] so that you get something that actually fits your ears. after getting your correct size, you just take them out of the package slide them over your normal ipod/mp3 headphones and they twist-lock into place.. and they stay in your ears, pain-free and everything!! i. am. obsessed. best $19.99 i have ever spent. i am such a happy girl.

but that's not all!

because it was national running day, frontrunner was giving out free prizes if you spent more than $7 in-store [june is the 6th month + it was the 1st = 7, obviously], which obviously johnny + i both did, so we both got awesome bright-orange technical running tshirts! basically. awesome. x inifinity.

yes i am wearing my new shoes and no i did not take them off the entire rest of the day.

ps quick fun fact about me: when i was in elementary school i remember sitting around our kitchen table one night and my dad asked all of us [my sisters + i] to flex/show off our arm muscles. i saw them flex and it looked like they were struggling a bit [as their arms were tense since they were flexing with all of their 10- and 11-year-old might, obviously] so i decided i would show them that it was really much easier than they thought and i did this:

because, naturally [to my five-year-old self] i thought that they were straining to get their arms over their heads... and that that was what 'flexing' was. i sure showed them! 

but don't worry, i've learned what it really means to flex since then..

clearly i've been working out... anyone dare to challenge me to an arm-wrestling competition?? bring it.

the rest of the day [crazy-filled with pictures as it was] went by with relative ease. didn't have to work so that was a nice break to stay at home and watch home vides with mama + daniel as he pretty quickly started feeling better.

thursday [6/2] i jumped out of bed in the morning, so excited to go try out my new beautiful running shoes! i did 3.32 miles cross-training on the elliptical at pf and it felt fantastic! i know you're probably thinking i'm crazy for not going running my first day with my new shoes but my training plan called for cross-training today, running tomorrow. must. follow. the plan!

hung out around home + went grocery shopping that evening + came home right around dinner time and everyone came together to help make a super-yummy homemade meal!

mama started with the chicken preparation:

while daniel + i explored the most creative ways to husk corn. our top two faves:

getting all angry at the corn + smacking it against the porch step = the bottom part snaps right off and the rest of the corn husks falls off with relative ease:

and our wedding bouquet arrangement:

another popular rendition of the wedding bouquet was the "i'm really sorry for making you spend $80 on medication for me and my silly strep throat... but i'm so adorable so won't you please forgive me?" bouquet:

daddy [as always] was our grill chef and showed us how the real boys grill:

right. they don't know how to! just kidding (: the chicken turned out super yummy.

and the corn did, too!

how can you not love a face like that?? seriously.

and, of course, no kron family meal would be complete without... crescent rolls! not exactly homemade but they look like it, right?

it was all super-duper yummy and we enjoyed our food and then daniel + i topped it all off with some yummy ice cream creations. can you guess which is his and which is mine?

yummmmm. headed to bed eventually and woke up and it was friday [6/3]! wahooo! in my training plan i was supposed to run 2 miles today and 6 tomorrow... but i knew i was running a 5k race tomorrow so figured that if i ran 5 today and 3.1 tomorrow then that would make sense because it'd equal 8 miles either way, right [note: i was wrong. lesson learned.]?! so much for "must follow the plan"...

the five miles felt greaaaaaaat though! lovelovelove more mileage (: two weeks two weeks until MARATHON TRAINING BEGINSS!! ayayaya! ab workout felt great too. 

came home and made a yummy protein-filled breakfast [aka really just egg whites, bacon + toast with strawberry jam + a nice tall glass of chocolate milk.. mmm] and made daniel just about the same meal [if you replace egg whites with scrambled eggs, toast+jelly with waffles+butter+syrup, and chocolate milk with 2% white milk] and just hung out the rest of the afternoon at home with him + mama. headed off to work from 5pm-close and had a great night - especially considering mama + daddy came in to visit me! we were super slow when they came in so it was nice to actually stand and talk to them for a bit instead of running around and taking care of other people and hardly seeing them at all when they come in [aka what usually happens]. and we also closed on time! so it was a doubly nice surprise (:

saturday [6/4] was the powell 5k! woke up early[ish] and got dressed + headed over to adventure park in powell to run. it was a stellar morning for running - not too hot or humid at all but not really chilly or super windy either - and i was feeling great! i felt like a lot of people passed me in the beginning [which they did] but the one thing i love about races is that having so many people running all around you really pushes you to do your best! i didn't PR or anything [probably has something to do with the fact that i'm used to training inside an air-conditioned gym on a treadmill] but i still felt great finishing up! 

25:22 was my time which means an average of 8:10 splits. in the rush of starting at the beginning i totally forgot to start my watch so i was off by a few seconds the whole time [and i wasn't sure how many] so that was a little stressful but wasn't too big of a deal overall; i was pretty happy when i finished.

it was a kron family event! daddy was the MC for the event, cheering all the runners [including dk + i!] on to the finish:

and daniel got to sound the starting horn!

he's the one facing the opposite direction from all the runners, blocking the start.. he's so in charge.

he also ran his first official race shortly after!! the one-miler (: soso proud of him! daddy even caught this never-before-seen footage of him crossing the finish line:

he's too good for the post-race water and medal they were trying to give him, anyway.

he finished in about ten minutes [which, never having run competitively before + no training whatsoever + being sick the week before = a pretty stellar time!] and i'd say he's got another race or two still left in him..


i ended up finishing 47th out of a hundred some, which isn't outstanding or anything but i know that a race should always be about racing against yourself and trying to get your own best time, right? 
however, it is still nice to get a medal every once in awhile (:

i finished 2nd in my age group [19-25] and daniel got a finisher's medal, too for the one-miler! lovelovelove running + daniel's newfound runningness. maybe this will continue..? any/all encouraging words for him in the comments would be much appreciated (:

slash on one final note about the powell 5k.. i think i need to work on my race face for the finish.. i am officially determined from this point onward to make some kind of entertaining face/pose as i cross the finish line for every other race i do from now on!

or at least maybe i'll try to keep my eyes open.

the rest of the day consisted of [showering, then] running some errands with the boys: dino bank, recycling, and going to the library where i checked out this little nugget:

it's a pretty quick read and [as i've read all of 5 pages of it so far] it is suuuuper funny/interesting to read... this guy is so insane. 50 marathons in 50 days... wowow. basically incredible. once i get the time to read it [as i'm working literally every night from monday-saturday this coming week] i will let you all know how wonderful it was (:

we then had a nice visit with grandma, and on our way in daniel was kind enough to take my purse and pose in a shot in which he believed he resembled a certain baby-mama...

no, that is not kourtney kardashian + mason, but our very own mrs. d + baby d! just love lookalikes sometimes/daniel's creative brain. (:

after a nice visit at claremont, we returned home to have a nice little family lunch before i headed off to work at 2pm... i was supposed to be off by 7pmish but ended up volunteering myself to close? i don't know what i was thinking, either. at around 7pm [i don't really remember the time, but that sounds about right] we looked outside and it seriously looked like it was raining balls of ice. which, i guess it was, but it was just the largest hail i feel like i've ever seen. and it was the longest hailstorm i've probably ever witnessed, too [i know this because i was notified of the hail, saw it for myself, ran to the back to get my camera [obviously], checked on my tables, then ran outside in my uniform to take some pictures of the crazy hail... and it still hadn't stopped.].

seriously crazy. we got lucky again and got to close on time [thank goodness] and i came home and crashed into bed shortly after.

sunday [6/5] was a great day (: although it [as always] went by crazy quickly. went to church in the morning, amidst a pretty bad car accident right on 12th ave and high street.. aka right where we need to turn onto a one-way street to get to the church building.. eek. but we got to church alright and it seemed like the people involved in the accident were okay, too. great, great testimonies + lessons about sailing and the second coming and temples. just love. (:

came home and ate a quick lunch and took a two-hour nap.. lovely. love sunday naps. spent the rest of the day hanging out with the fam [aka main reason for loving sundays so much] and planning out all kinds of mega fun activities for the next couple of months (: spent the rest of the night talking with mama + daddy after daniel pooped out early... like around 7:30pm. he's had such a crazy-filled week! then i stayed up super late so i could finish this post... and now i'm going to bed as well (: 

looking forward to lots of running, working + family time this week! with maybe some light reading/occasional blogging mixed in.. we'll see (; xox.


  1. lol I LOVE your recaps, surah.
    1) CONGRATS ON THE 5K!!!
    2) you got a free shirt AND got to buy some new shoes?!?! jealoussss.
    3) I miss you. move back here asap and I will happily buy you a kitten!!!


  2. Now I don't feel bad for my rant blogs :)
    And I LOVE photobooths!

  3. 1. i love your new shoes! also i still have the adidas pair i bought when i first started running (in 7th grade) and they still fit. i know. awesome, right?
    2. the video of daniel finishing the race was hilarious / typical.
    3. the pic w/ him looking like ruth was awesome.
    4. love that you guys are cooking delicious food on the grill. have you tried grilling the corn? you leave the husks on, grill, then peel them off. AWESOME.
    5. i miss chipotle so much. please eat another burrito for me.


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