marathon madness.

marathon training has officially begunnnnnnnnn! - but more on that later (:

to be completely honest, the more days that pass before i update, the less i can remember.. oops. my fault, i know. so i am just going to skip friday [6/17] because i have zero recollection of what happened that day since it was so long ago.. i must be getting old or something.

saturday [6/18] i remember a bit better... mostly because i took pictures (: so basically i was busy preparing my father's day present [playing the piano version of 'lullabye' by billy joel] that i got emily to work for me. my two breaks from practicing piano = [one] getting super yummy chinese with colin!

he got some super yummy soup + crackery thingies

and i got what i thought was a serving size of sweet+sour chicken and fried rice...

let's just say it was probably more like a family-serving size... yikessss. thank goodness col was there to help me indulge (:

my second break of the day was going out shopping for a bit with mama and finding the cutest little tiny baby clothes,

the best children's book to get for DK for his birthday,

aaaand the most stellarfab glittertastic heels [hint hint: micae.. want these??]

it was a good day overall, definitely got some good piano practice in, too (:

sunday [6/19] was father's day! we celebrated having the best darn daddy in the world.. by singing him the national anthem!

he's been wanting a new american flag since our old one was pretty rat-a-tat-tatty.. it really lights up the rest of the house (:

love these boys! #1 daddy + future daddy.. in a few more decades or something (;

we then went to visit grandma @ claremont and i ended up seeing sara for a quick second!

a really quick second. haha.

we then came home and enjoyed the rest of the night by eating a homemade steak + corn dinner [which the boys loved!!]

aaand everyone's favorite dessert after: angel food cake creations!!

mine took the cake though.. no pun intended (;

daniel provided some wonderful comic entertainment,

and much piano was played by both of us!

happy father's day, daddy!! i hope you had absolutely the best father's day ever (: love you soso much!

we spent the rest of the night hanging out as a family, and all got to bed at a decent time. monday [6/20] morning was started bright + early as the boys headed off to scout camp down in the boonies of southern ohio!

boy, am i going to miss this little booger and all of his little pranks.

hahahaha. went off to the gym nice and early for my first marathon training workout!! headed over to planet fitness and hopped on the treadmill! 3 miles in 24:56 minutes [8:34, 7:53, 7:47]. those three miles seriously just flewww by! i love having a new goal to work towards! came home and showered, then went to babysit the parsons kiddos [faith + benjamonkey] with mama! hung out around home most of the day, enjoying relaxing with mama + watching made of honor with the ever-dreamy patrick dempsey.

it was pretty funny! a ton of scottish references and it also showcased dempsey's grey's anatomy co-star:

haha. loved it. went to bed a decent time. woke up and it was tuesday [6/21]. headed happily off to the gym again for day two of marathon training! 4.03 miles in 32:20 [8:00, 7:53, 7:47, 7:53], wahoo! first day working out with my new bright blue ipod shuffle (: so cute and i just love it. hung out at home with mama as she fixed up my two fave dresses,

and then THIS amazingness happened [click the link to figure it out.. in case you missed my last post (;] and then i headed off to work from 5pm-close!

wednesday [6/22] i woke up and headed off to the gym yet again, 3.02 miles in 24:29, accompanied by a great ab workout! went out shopping with mama yet again + hung out with some pretty cool cats in the afternoon who thoroughly enjoyed eating my camera strap, wrapping mama's legs up in toys + just being straight up adorable.

this next one was honestly sleeping in this position...cutest thing of my ever life.

mama's favorite:

later on, mama went to a meeting at the church + i went to hang out with some of my bob's bests:

whoop whoop. just love bob's crew. came home, hung out with mama, went to bed.

thursday [6/23] woke up + went to the gym to cross-train. 35 minutes on the elliptical = 2.57 miles + did some upper body workout... aka my 10lb weights for my arms. i am such a wimp haha (: went to go and organize recipes with grandma and then came home + hung out with col! chipotle + freakonomics = the best night in. ever.

just love life lessons learned from documentaries.

this is a true story. and 'loser' did much better in life than his brother, 'winner,' who ended up in jail. the end.

just love documentaries. i highly recommend this one! hung out, then mama came home, col went home + we all went to bed.

friday [6/24] was going, going, going all day long! woke up + went to the gym, easy run of 2.02 miles in 15:57 minutes. i really pushed myself this run so i felt amazing (: came home, showered + went to the church with mama to help her + some other lovely relief society ladies from the worthington ward feed the missionaries in the columbus ohio mission! and guess who i saw there..

elder seth price!! he was in my freshman ward out at byu and everything! and i had no idea whatsoever that he was serving out here until he shook my hand in the 'thank you volunteers' line.. small world!! so good to see him and his fellow missionary compadres, which never ceases to remind me of all the wonderful missionary amigos i have out there serving now (: just love missionaries.

mama did a beyond stellar job organizing the meal and everything, and everything went wonderfully smoothly. she is such a fantastic leader (: whisked right off to voice lessons with steph and started working on a new song from 13 the Musical, 'what it means to be a friend.' you can check it out below if you like (: it's wonderful for my range and i'm really excited to work on it! even if it is meant for a thirteen-year-old to sing (;

came home, hung out with mama then headed off to work from 5pm-close!

saturday [6/25] was a hap hap happy day. went to the gym and did my longest-ever consecutive run to date: 6.02 miles in 51:54 minutes!! i was elated just to finish! then just came home and mowed the lawn just in time before the boys came home from scout camp all smelly and facial-hairy (: after a happy reunion, i headed off to work from 2pm-close... only because it was so crazy busy all night with huge huge tables like 13- and 10-tops all around the restaurant.. until like 9pm!! mass insanity. so all of us little servers stayed and helped sarah d + johnny boy close... then when we finally left circa 11pm we went to steak 'n' shake in our full-on bob evans uniforms and were greeted by some pretty odd looks all around haha. oh well. just love bob's amigos.

came home and went [well, practically] right to bed! sunday [6/26] was a stellar day at church [and obviously my rest day for the week]! the lessons were fab as usual + i even stayed for choir after and had the time of my life with some of the most fun kiddos in the ward, in  my personal opinion. oh! and i also got assigned to give a talk in two sundays [6/10] about keeping the sabbath day holy. so any suggestions/words of advice/comments on the topic would be much encouraged + appreciated by me (:

the rest of the day went by flawlessly... minus the fact that i felt pretty out of it + sluggish since i had only gotten six hours of sleep the night prior as compared with eight every night in the past week.. yeesh. had a great rest of the night with the fam and then went off to bed at a decent hour. and now that i'm finally [mostly] caught up, i am going to continue with the rest of the day + update concerning these last few days later tonight hopefully! 

so until then (: xox.


  1. love love ultimate love those shoes!!!
    i went shopping with my mom and saw the same shoes! and obviously i wanted them. but i didn't get them:(

  2. sean & i <3 you and your netflix ( :

    maybe we'll watch that movie sometime too...was wondering what it was about. he says he's already seen "man on wire" though.


  3. Love the embarrassing photos... :)

  4. yay!!!!! um i want to see that movie so bad. also GET THOSE GLITTER SHOES> and tell mom to get that kitten :)

    love youuu and WHAT MARATHON ARE YOU DOING AGAIN?!?! you should get a ticker with a countdown for your blog :) good luck im so so so proud of you!!!


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