beachtime ready.

i am standing here typing this post and beyond elated because we are about to leave for the beach!! ayayaaaa! you can look forward to a handful of pretty sunrise/beach/swimming pictures from the course of this next week + a coupla days (: but first, a quick recap!

monday [6/27] i had to deal with my sleep hangover from sleeping much too little the night previous, and ended up waking up with my alarm at 8am after nine hours of sleep... and turning it off, crawling back into bed, and sleeping until 1pm. hahaha. (: i was feeling much, much better after i woke up though! and that's what counts, right??

went to the gym [after running a coupla errands soo around like 3pm.. eesh.] and it was pretty rough working out that late in the afternoon/day in general. but i still pushed through and did 3.02 miles in 23:52 minutes [8:15, 7:41, 7:30], with a good ab workout post-run. came home, showered + hung out with the fam [even though my day was just barely getting started, theirs was coming to a close, weird.]. after a great fhe, they went to bed and i zipped off to sports authority just before they closed to buy two more pairs of tempo running shorts! now i won't have to run in the same two pairs of shorts all week at the beach! wahooooo!

oh! and carmen + i [old high school theatre amiga] ordered TOMS together so that we could get free shipping! let's just say i haven't taken them off since i got them. except to sleep in. once.

went to bed and woke up [fancy that!] and it was tuesday [6/28]! i was feeling a bit sluggish on my run, but i stuck it out and got it done! 4.02 miles in 33:32 minutes [8:34, 8:00, 7:41, 7:30]. i am really loving the manual setting on my gym treadmill that helps me to know exactly what my mile splits are!! at least until i finally buy a garmin that can tell me all those things without me having to remember them (: went over to grandma's and worked on organizing those recipes and just hung out and talked in her sun room for awhile. it was so nice out!! hopefully the beach will be even nicer..! keeping my fingers crossed for sure. (: came home, hung out with DK then went off to work from 5pm-close!

wednesday [6/29] i woke up feeling crazy energized and ready to pack + get ready for vacationnn! wahoooo! went to the gym and did 3.02 miles in 24:08 minutes [8:34, 8:15, 7:41] with ab workout after. i thought i felt pretty fast but i think i started off a bit too slow. however, this workout i really just tried to listen to my body because my shins have been hurty lately post-run and i don't want to get injured or anything so i tried not to push myself too hard! came home and ran around the rest of the day crossing things off of my 'pre-vacation to-do list' [updating my blog, for one] and got to stop by + see sara for a bit as we discussed brownies and vacations and life in general. took DK to a scouts meeting at the church and i was starving after so we made a quick pit stop before heading home...

did you know chipotle has kid's meals??

i do not apologize for my expression... i was starving and that burrito hit the SPOT. lettuce, chicken, rice, sour cream, cheese = ultimate YUM in my tum! a bit heavy on the pinto beans, but you can't get a perfect burrito every time, right??

ended up staying up pretty late baking brownies, writing letters + pre-packing [aka laying out all my clothes to pack on my bed in one giant heap so it is all ready to be stuffed in a suitcase in the morning when i am not too lazy to get one from the basement (: ]. finally went to bed way too late to say what time...

woke up and it was thursday [6/30] aka finishupallthelastminutepackingandgetoutontheroad-day! it is almost 3pm and we are just now planning to leave even though we originally were shooting to leave at noon.. oops. i guess i should've said we planned to leave at noon: kron family time - aka at least a few hours later (; i enjoyed running around the house [that counts as cross-training, right?] helping mama finish up with the packing and hanging out with the king of cheese.

we are about to leave so i best be off! myrtle beach 2011, here we comeeeee! (:

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  1. hah just love the cheese king and SO JEALOUS of your chipotle.


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