TODAY/ edited = part one. leaving utah.

at this moment in time, i resolve to be a better blogger. this is supposed to my journal or something, after all (:

SO the past few days/week have been crazy. in the past three weeks i have:

-flown on five different planes
-left utah + ruth (+ baby d + drew + the kevs)
-visited anna (!) in wisconsin
-returned safely to ohio (with all my luggage (mostly) intact)
-gotten back to working at bob evan's (going on my fourth year!)
-...essentially had my schedule/life/etc. all over the place.

SO a few days ago I started whipping out my camera more often because that helps me to keep track of/blog about what goes on in my day (: so i apologize for not recapping my last few days in utah/the awesome time i had with anna running around in wausau, wisconsin aaaand.. 

okay. nevermind. this might be the longest post ever but i am going to talk about those two events [leaving utah/visiting wisconsin] right here, right now. because they are important and were really super fun (: so here we go!

part one. leaving utah.

i only did like a bajillion + a half things before leaving utah. most importantly though (aka here are the things i took pictures at):

i went to the new tumbling gym with a bunch of cool kiddos (durant, jeremy, andrea, brodie + kaitlin),

ps did you know i can do a back-flip now?! and a front flip (: but only on a trampoline.

yes mom + dad, i promise i landed safely on my feet!

enjoyed the end of a byu baseball game with ruthers while visiting drew (with baby d, naturally),

ate some FALAFEL (yum!) for the first time ever with my beatles besties (jared, jeffrey + hannah),

partied it up at the daniels' residence with some yummy food and wonderful company, per usual,

 went to the nicklecade (!!) for the first time of my ever life with a few good friends (and yes we won a ridiculous amount of tickets because we are awesome and know how to beat the system, thank you very much) (ps this was with andrea, david, markus + jeff),

saw magarin mcactorpants + cameron in their show "the hasty heart" (stellar!) down at the hale center theatre with micae,

and just because i absolutely live for awkward pictures...

hahahah. the next night magarin + i enjoyed a byu baseball game, after a trip to the moa with ruth + baby d (:

thennnNNNNNN the next day i had the pleasure of watching little baby d while ruth + drew enjoyed their anniversary celebrationnnnn (5 years!!)

peek-a-boo! aka toy overload...

+ this meant saying goodbye to ruth + the rest of the dowling clan ;( miss you guys soso much already!

thennnnnnn came my last (zupa's, obviously) meal after seeing the adjustment bureau at the dollar theatre with some more amigos,

then i hung out with/said goodbye to my main (beatles) (officially graduated) (who knows when i'll get to see their beautiful faces again) besties ):

+ thanks to micae, our special photog, as we did our little photoshoot:

complete with mugshots:

Daniel "Hi I love to smile"Ahlers

Jared Alan "Don't look at me" Whipple

Jeffrey Melvin "I'm a cutie" Cornwall

Sarah Elizabeth "Here's my stomach" Kron
aaaaand then (please bear with me) a few crazy one-on-ones...

all in all, a fun night, even though sad for saying goodbyes/see ya laters/etc.

lovelovelove those boys as though they were my older brothers (: which they practically were this past semester especially. 

the rest of that night was spent cleaning up/preparing to leave for WISCONSIN in the morning! david was nice enough to drive me to the airport. part two. wisconsinated. to continue tomorrow (:

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  1. um LOVED this and also just stole a bunch of pics from you :) love youuuuuuu


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