this past week;

has gone by so fast! i honestly cannot hardly believe that i've been out of school for over a MONTH and now i've been home for over two weeks! crazy crazy time is flyiiiiing. i gotta get started on my tan.. OH WAIT it's been monsooning in ohio for the past week straight. maybe summertime will finally begin once memorial day hits.. fingers crossed.

this week has been filled with a bunch of working + fambam time + sleeping at all sorts of odd hours.

tuesday night we got to go to danman's band concert! too bad the trumpeteers sit so far back that you could hardly pick him out of the lineup... ten points if you can find him.

[hint: he's in the center of the picture]

he did soso well! this kiddo is heading for great things, lemme tell ya. 

wednesday was work work more working.
thursday = [you guessed it!] MORE WORK. but not until i went out for the morning to hang out at the doctor's office with mama and then we went to one of my all-time favorite places.. the polaris mall! with my all-time favorite store..

the two-story forever 21 store! lovelovelove.
...minus the fact that i didn't end up buying anything from there.. whoops (: but i got some cute stuff from charlotte russe! another favorite for sure.

mama + i then enjoyed a super-yummy lunch at my #1 fave mall eatery..

steak escape! om nom. yes i did eat all that. delish.

i came home and ended up taking a three hour nap... i really gotta work on my sleeping schedule i guess.

work was pretty slow. but it was fun to hang out + close with sarah dill + josh! meaning eat the most delicious chocolate cake of our ever lives... minus the hershey's cake they used to have, of course.


after work, i went bowling on a whim.. and bowled over 100 for the first time ever!

yes, i did go bowling myself. it was kind of on impulse. and it was awesome.
+ i ended up with a 101! i just didn't end up getting a picture because the screen blanked out at the end all of a sudden.. lame. i did get two strikes though (: and a few spares! i also made a new friend. his name is clay and he's a bowling league-r. clearly i impressed him with my stellar bowling skills so he couldn't help himself coming over and talking to me.. 

great end to a fun week (: meaning it's friday and i'll write about [technically speaking] today later. xox.

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