running... with only a minor casualty.

saturday was a great day for a race!... not. after it being so rainy + cold[ish] the past week, i wasn't expecting this particular morning to be much different. meaning of course i checked the weather and all and dressed for the heat, but i was indefinitely not hydrated enough and neither was my race buddy... but we'll get to that in a moment.

the lyndsey and kyle 5k was my first 5k race EVER last year, just about a year ago! it's crazy to look back and see how far i've come in the past year and that in just four weeks i will begin training for my first marathon in october! eeeeeek! (:

the race is in memorial of two kids from scioto (kyle a senior, lyndsey a sophomore) who passed away in a car accident two years ago. they were very active in athletics (kyle a football player, lyndsey a cheerleader) so a 5k is undoubtedly a great way to commemorate their lives (: i didn't know them personally, but i have only heard great things about them. they were two beautiful kids and made a gorgeous couple.
ps last year when i ran the kyle + lynds 5k i mostly just walked/lightly jogged it for a few minutes overall with sara whitacre + mikey amatos.. we finished in something like 40:50 minutes hahaha. needless to say, i did much better this year!

eight-minute pace! about 30 seconds better than i was expecting (: and 80th overall out of 400 some... not bad, not bad!

i have one person specifically to thank for this..

my running buddy! colin brand (: now i mentioned a minor casualty.. that was his breakfast of an apple that he lost 100m premature of the finish line. yiiiiikes. it was just soso hot out! and we were both definitely not hydrated enough for the 80-degree and super-sunny racing conditions... but we managed to keep a good pace [7:50 first mile, 8:05 second, 8:51 third mile-point-one] and we both crossed the finish line on our own two feet!

the rest of the day went by pretty quickly, it seems. most importantly, as soon as i got home i saw the most beautiful creation of my ever life sitting in the grass between our house + the neighbors next door...

my dream bike!! isn't she a beauty? (: there was a neighborhood-wide garage sale going on + our neighbors said this bike used to be one of their kids'... from the early 90s or so. just wait til i fix her up! i'm going to get some new handlebars, tires + a basket for the front and then she'll be all set to go out to byu with me in the fall! ayayaya!

the rest of the day was work work working down at the faaaarm, aka bob evans with the a-team: sarahdill, johnny the lion + a few others. got off + came right home and fell asleep shortly after..

sunday was a happy day! went to the single's ward for the first time since i've been back, then came home + ate lunch with mama, danoo + westley and proceeded to take a two-and-a-half-hour-long nap... just love sundays (: woke up to hang out/eat dinner with the fam, visit sister case with daddy and then come home to finish off the rest of the night. an overall nice and relaxing sabbath day. there's no reason that this shouldn't be a stellar week!


  1. lol poor colin!! LOVE the new bike !!! hopefully we can see it in action in a few months??? miss youuuu

  2. you're a super human.
    just sayin.

  3. so proud of you and colin!


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