part two. wisconsinated.

on saturday morning april 30th, 2011, i packed up + left provo to head to wisconsin to visit the one + only anna bananas!

just lovee leaving behind such a snowy snowy utah for a much brighter and greener wisconsin/ohio...

just look at how pretty my layover in minneapolis was!

too bad i was confined to the airport until my flight to wausau took off... oh well! wisconsin is pretty too (:

i just couldn't help taking a picture of the first thing i saw at the central wisconsin airport... 

please look closely hahaha. all these faith cds surrounding something about alcohol. just love.

we [bags + i] all made it safely! with just one minor casualty... but that happens.. right?

we did sososo many fun things, anna + i! she did lots of reporting...

we ate lots of yummy pizza!

..and some not so much yummy pizza..

[[WHY mushrooms?! what was i thinking?!]]
..but at least we were with some great company!

and in a really cool place [red eye] that had bikes all over the walls + ceiling.. basically awesome.

AND they wrap your leftovers to look all pretty, too!

oh, and we made some super yummy foods too. 
meaning anna made lots of yummy food. 
like homemade oreos!

...and lots of other things i forgot to take pictures of. whoops..

the last day we got to run around and see a real live house fire!
i did at least remember to whip out my camera for this one...

and anna was a stellar-fab world-famous reporter, as always.

we got lots of time to talk, watch kdash + even go grocery shopping almost a handful of times in just a handful of days (: just loved all of my time in wausau with anna bananas.

sorry this isn't the best picture of us... but we can take more the next time we get to hang out asap! (: miss + love you soso much!

part three. OHIO for the summer. comin' right up (:


  1. awww just read all your updates and miss you so so so myuch!!!! hopefully drew will get a job soon and dustin and i can come visit you guys in ohio!!

  2. omg how did i miss all these blog posts?! wish you were still hereeee.


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