part three. OHIO for the summer!

my first day back was hanging out with the family + catching up! and being completely shocked at how tall daniel's gotten since i saw him in MARCH...

no, i am not crouching down or anything. the complete shock on my face = completely caught in the moment. this height is REAL, folks.

the next night i got to go enjoy seeing dublin scioto's amazing theatre troupe perform hairspray! with mr. sean earley as the most hilarious edna turnbull of my ever life.

and guess who i went with?!

THAT'S RIGHT. THIS GUY. my #1 favorite brotherrr!

i loved seeing lots of my old [theatre] friends! and taking a million pictures... thanks to dandanoo for being my personal photog for the night [minus the few i took myself] (:

and, of course, the typical jackary+sarahkron picture had to be taken (:

the next night we had the pleasure of enjoying seeing another wonderful show, but this time off-broadway at the palace theatre...

MARY POPPINS! (: it was spectacular!

and the palace theatre is super pretty too.. just look at these lamps!

just love hanging out with my boys: daddy + dandanoo (:

it was such a fun day! the next day [sunday] = mother's day! mama was sick with a cough so we didn't get to get a picture with her... but we enjoyed going to church where daddy spoke + then visited grandma and took this one good picture... haha (:

happy [belated] mother's day! i have the best mama in the world, in case any of you were wondering..

yeah, i know, she's perfect (:
it's so great to be home with her + the rest of my ohio family for the rest of the summer!

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