it's friday, friday

what a fun day! i was up the night before until like 4am.. whoopsie.. so i woke up at noon but that's like eight hours of sleep so that's healthy, right?

my early afternoon[/technically late morning for me since i just barely woken up and all] consisted of THIS:

YUMMM. just love super huge chocolate chips.
grabbed some graeter's ice cream in the with the one and only sarah reilly! hadn't seen her in like a year and a half... it was a much needed reunion. we grabbed our kid's cones of [white] mint choc chip + black raspberry chip, respectively, and had a good long catch-up chat for an hour or so (:

she had a minor mishap when she originally got her cone.. hence the bowl. i promise she really did have a cute little kid's cone like me before.

it was sososo fun to talk + catch up on life and reminisce a little bit too (: she's going off to italy for the next six weeks.. have so much fun girl!

i came home after and caught up on the first half of the office season finale [still haven't seen the second half.. i don't know what's wrong with me] while the men of the house packed up for their camping trip!

so tender. they left around five and then it was time for girl's night out to commence!

mama + i headed to steak & shake [where else?] for our pre-movie dinner. we were lucky enough to have this pretty girl as our waitress:

gracie mccutiepants. good old theatre friends from scioto (: and yes, the service was excellent, thank you very much.

mama got enough extra whipped cream on her shake to feed a family of six for a day.

..and that was after she had eaten some off the top. it was huge, i'm telling ya.

then i went crazy and tried something new from the menu instead of my usual fried chicken strips with fries + caramel sauce... if you know me, you know how huge of a deal this is for me. i never never never try new things on menus - i have a staple meal picked out at each restaurant i have gone to since i was like five years old [yes, i only just recently weaned myself off of getting the kid's pancakes at bob evans]. but i was feeling adventurous today so...

i got the new steak & shake royale steakburger- bacon, cheese, steak, lettuce, mayo + fried egg, all piled together between two delicious buns. holy yum. i got so full so quickly though... and that's when my mama pointed out that it was a double steakburger... i quickly fixed that and attempted to finish the rest. so delicious. 

then mama + i were off to the movies to wait in line for a date with this beautiful man:

yesss, we saw pirates of the caribbean 4: on stranger tides!! it was fantastic: the theatre was packed and everyone gasped + laughed + sighed with relief at all the right times simultaneously... aka my favorite kind of movie experience (: oh, and the movie was beyond stellar, as well! the mermaids were a bit on the psychotic side... but it was a great story overall. can't wait for the fifth (;

if you haven't see it yet, watch this. now. then go to see it immediately. well worth your time + money, i promise!

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