first week back in ohio = success.

it's crazy that i've already been home for so long. weird.

then i promise i'll get on to regular/daily/somewhatmoreoften blogging, deal?

last thursday mama + i spent the morning together first babysitting this adorable little girl that is practically my niece and then going shopping out after!

later on, i went on a little trip to DQ for some soft-serve.

YUMMM. sorry i was too hungry to take a picture before it was 3/4 eaten.. whoops.
guess who i went to eat with?!


he is just so good at making the best faces ahahaha

we had fun bike riding/roller-blading around before and after...

and then roller-biking after!

best. idea. ever.

gosh i love this kiddo.

later that night we went to the dublin art center museum with the rest of the family to look at their district exhibit.

super fun! didn't get any pictures of artwork though... whoops again. guess this outdoor statue picture will have to do.

i dare you not to laugh at daniel's face.

then we went out to the dam that we have here in dublin/over in powell! apparently.

super pretty. and super huge.

(: love my family. ended the night (or maybe this was a few nights later.. it's hard to keep track of everything that happened over a week ago but i think it was a different night) with col coming over + teaching daniel some ab workouts..

love these boyssss. SO INTENSE. tomorrow/aka later today will begin the regular posting. promise (:


  1. It's been monsooning here too :/ Apparently Utah Lake will raise 5 feet of water a DAY from now till the end of June because of all the rain/snow melting from the mountains. CRAZY


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