beyond stellar. / Day Zero Goal #52 - Try sushi for the first official time and love it.

this past week actually did turn out to be pretty darn fantastic (:
however, because i was doing soso much, i hardly had time to update! so here's a quick recap of the past week:

monday (5/23) was what felt like the climax of the past week/or so of crazy rainings and tornado-ing. i don't remember much of what happened besides at night, when tak [aka daniel's bff asian friend] was over for dinner/fhe and we convinced daniel to try a carrot! needless to say, we documented the entire experience and if you are a relative or close family-friend, just ask me and i may be given dk's permission to show you the vid (: 

as a treat, naturally, i promised him that if he ate+swallowed an entire bite of a carrot that i would take him to menchie's that night for some yummy fro-yo deliciousness. he deserved it (: [editor's note: for those of you who don't know daniel, he has been quite adverse to eating any fruits/any veggies besides corn-on-the-cob for almost a decade. so this is kind of a big deal!]

<3 goofy faces. his looked yummy, but sadly [seriously, how depressing] he says it didn't taste that great because he had some weird carrot taste in his mouth.

daddy got his heath on while i got some extra YUMness on myself:

literally all of my favorite things in one.. vanilla soft-serve fro-yo, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, mini marshmallows, resse's, rainbow sprinkles +  a few gummy bears.. all put together in the best waffle bowl of my ever life! YUM. i clearly started out trying to be a bit healthy but instinct took over when i saw all of my other favorite toppings lying around...

dad finished first and ran over to kroger to get some essentials while dk + i headed over to [none other than] gamestop so he could check out some games. he could hardly tear himself away from the 3ds picture on the front display-window before going inside.

alas, our visit was brief because the sky grew dark and the tornado sirens were yelling at us to head home and seek shelter ASAP.

okay, it's a slight over-exaggeration of how dark it actually was at 8:30pm but that's the way the picture with the flash turned out and it shows the fear well enough (:

we all survived [!!] the death storms once more and mama and i even posed for a picture of our unplanned matching-ness on the second floor while daniel was taking a shower upstairs as well during the climax of said storm... i know, i know, we are all clearly daredevils.

the storms passed and tuesday [5/24] came and went without me really remembering much about it... probably because i didn't work out at all [whoops!] but i did work from 5:30pm-close down on the farm [bob evans] so i'll just blame my lack of memory on my overdose of cinnamon cream hotcakes after work..

om nom. wednesday [5/25] i woke up and did 3.5 miles on the planet fitness treadmill. however i forgot that the program i usually use is the '5K' one so after 3.3 miles [3.1 + cool-down] it slowed to a stop and eventually shut off... but don't worry, i turned it back on a manual program and showed that treadmill who was the boss.

so. many. treadmills. i never realized how huge this place looks... probably because i'll never be tall enough to be able to see from this high of a view.

when i got back mama + i headed out to get her hair done [where i chatted on the phone with jeffrey for a half-hour] and then to bob evans [where else??] for lunch before heading off to lennox to see a movie... guess which one?!

YESSSSSSS. potc4, on stranger tides, with our amigo mejor, johnny depp! for the second time (: sadly, however, the car was having some trouble and making some crazy scary noises so mama + i pulled over into an empty parking lot after leaving bob evans and attempted to be mechanics/aka opening up the hood and checking the three things i know to check for: oil, windshield washer fluid, + coolant. lucky for me, the latter was completely empty so we assumed that must be the problem. 

we headed over to meijer and after a 10-minute conversation about what kind of coolant to get [there were at least a dozen different ones] with a 60-year-old mechanic that just happened to be in the auto aisle when i walked down it, i grabbed the "right one" and went to go save the day! we filled up the coolant tank about halfway and headed on down sawmill road... only to hear the grinding noise yet again. we pulled into goodyear and they got a good look at it while we walked the ten-minutes or so home. turns out that essentially that grinding noise was occurring because one of the front wheels was coming off of the axle... and that they were shocked that it hadn't already come off!! thank goodness we didn't head out on the highway [and managed to say a prayer right when the grinding noise initially began, good thinking mama!].

we didn't end up having time to see the movie [sad, i know] because i had to head off to work! bob's crew [johnny + sarahd + i] tried FRIED MUSH for the first time, since it is going off the menu in about a week... let's just say: holy YUM. why didn't we try this before?! crazy good. too bad it's also completely terrible for you.

the next day, thursday [5/26] i rolled out of bed and attempted to cross-train on one of the pf bikes... something i have never done before and will probably never do the same way ever ever again, for the following reason: i jumped on the bike and picked something that looked [a] relatively easy, and [b] something that fit what i wanted to do. program: cardio [duh.]. level: two [relatively simple, right?]. WRONG. i ended up enduring a brutal 7.1 miles over the course of 30 minutes... which felt nothing like normal biking at all.. even intense biking-biking. the hills/intervals/everything was crazy intense! my legs felt literally like jell-o once i stepped off the bike so, after some serious stretching, i headed home and proceeded to sleep for the next two hours.

woke up, showered, + headed off to dk's 7th grade awards ceremony! so proud of my brother (: mr. esquire academic achievement award recipient!

+ i also got a nice picture with mrs. barrett [formerly known as ms. hubbell, when she was my middle school band instructor/high school color guard director]:

came home to enjoy my new favorite homemade salad for lunch [lettuce, blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon-ed almonds + raspberry vinaigrette = YUM.] with a side of hawiian bread.. aka my [finally successful!!] attempt at the zupa's nuts about berries salad that i have been trying to recreate:

YUMMM. for the almonds [since i have yet to find pre-cinnamon-ed almonds, and this was simple enough] i just bought a bag of slivered almonds from kroger's organic section, put them all in a ziploc bag + sprinkled some ground cinnamon into the bag and shook it all up! the cinnamon stuck to the almonds surprisingly well [and adding a little extra cinnamon on top of the whole salad just makes it that much more delicious!]

before heading off to work for the night, we had yet another downpour, this time with some hail [or so we thought]:

crazy crazy. the rain is falling so quickly you can't even see it!

friday [5/27] i rolled out of bed early again to go running an easy 2.1 miles at a steady 8-minute pace at pf. i have to say i honestly cannot wait until i start my marathon training plan [two more weeks!!] so i can start logging more miles each day... two miles just does not cut it anymore!

came home, showered, then went off to dk's last-day-of-school picnic at davis with mama + daddy. it was great to see old teachers [namely mrs. mcghee, who is about to have her first baby in just about a month!] and walk around discovery park with daniel while talking about our plans for summer (: came home, went to work for the rest of the night at good old bob's.

saturday [5/28] i seriously felt like i was moving non-stop all day long. slept in until 10am and then went running 5.5 miles at an 8:20 pace at pf... seriously i was beaming the entire time and probably the whole rest of the day because that is the longest i have ever run continually without stopping! i even had my bag of power bar energy bites + my water bottle in the cup holders in front of me but i was too excited to stop or even slow down once (:

came home, ate breakfast, cut the grass in the backyard and showered all within like 40 minutes. insane. i ran off to the memorial day party that was going on at claremont so that i could see grandma + daddy + daniel for at least a little bit. we played a few rounds of boccie ball and then i was off to work at 2pm until about 7:30pm.

went home to refuel + then headed off to osu campus to see sarawhit perform with her dance company, dance connection! i was a bit late and only caught her third dance out of three that she was in [as it was on campus at osu], but she was beyond stellar! all of the dancers were, it was a way cool performance - and thank goodness elise was watching in the back with me while we munched on pretzels (:

oh BLA.. we were so cool in high school when we came up with that. and no, mike did not know she was going to wear that shirt [aren't they a gorgeous couple, though?! i take full credit for their [almost!] two years of happiness together (;]

after the concert i rushed off again, back to powell to try sushi for the first time with sarahdill + sean from work! 

my expression explains it all...

my first one was a sweet potato roll, and the second was salmon [the one that's pictured above]. they were DELICIOUS. i also tried a slew of other asian goods [as sarah + sean managed to rack up a $50 bill between the two of them.. hahah] from soup to lettuce wraps. yum yum yum yum YUM. beyond stellar. and yes, i am still in my bob evans uniform because i have not had time to change since i initially left home before work. don't judge.

we topped off this deliciousness with some deep-fried cheesecake [my treat, a delicacy] which was soooooo yum. words. cannot. explain.

johnny boy showed up a bit late though so this was all pretty much gone... but it was fun getting to hang out with mis amigos regardless! by this time it was nearing 11pm, aka past my bedtime, so i headed straight home on a full stomach.

sunday [5/29] was nice and super spiritual + relaxing. went to church in the morning and had a great big worthington ward reunion there [nicole + jessica williams, rebecca johnson, michael + brian martin, michael lawson, riley henderson] and they even gave us free panera after church from these huge garbage bags.. we all took home handfuls. it was fantastic. oh, and the relief society lesson was based on the hunger games!! basically favorite day at church ever. if you haven't read the hunger games yet, [a] you're crazy, and [b] GO READ THEM. nownownow. i have the third book if you want it (:

the rest of the day consisted of some light reading, organizing some family pictures on the family computer and just spending some good overall quality time with the family (: i also got to skype with my bffs from utah [jeffrey, daniel + jared!!] and they all got to meet mama, daddy + danoo as well. that was a serious treat. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. in case none of you knew.. they always know how to bring me up when i'm feeling down...

what a stellar weeeeek. i know it's tuesday and so i should be updating about monday [yesterday] as well, but  it's time for me to get ready for work! slash i'm pretty sure this is a huge enough post as it is. until [hopefully!] tomorrow, xox.


running... with only a minor casualty.

saturday was a great day for a race!... not. after it being so rainy + cold[ish] the past week, i wasn't expecting this particular morning to be much different. meaning of course i checked the weather and all and dressed for the heat, but i was indefinitely not hydrated enough and neither was my race buddy... but we'll get to that in a moment.

the lyndsey and kyle 5k was my first 5k race EVER last year, just about a year ago! it's crazy to look back and see how far i've come in the past year and that in just four weeks i will begin training for my first marathon in october! eeeeeek! (:

the race is in memorial of two kids from scioto (kyle a senior, lyndsey a sophomore) who passed away in a car accident two years ago. they were very active in athletics (kyle a football player, lyndsey a cheerleader) so a 5k is undoubtedly a great way to commemorate their lives (: i didn't know them personally, but i have only heard great things about them. they were two beautiful kids and made a gorgeous couple.
ps last year when i ran the kyle + lynds 5k i mostly just walked/lightly jogged it for a few minutes overall with sara whitacre + mikey amatos.. we finished in something like 40:50 minutes hahaha. needless to say, i did much better this year!

eight-minute pace! about 30 seconds better than i was expecting (: and 80th overall out of 400 some... not bad, not bad!

i have one person specifically to thank for this..

my running buddy! colin brand (: now i mentioned a minor casualty.. that was his breakfast of an apple that he lost 100m premature of the finish line. yiiiiikes. it was just soso hot out! and we were both definitely not hydrated enough for the 80-degree and super-sunny racing conditions... but we managed to keep a good pace [7:50 first mile, 8:05 second, 8:51 third mile-point-one] and we both crossed the finish line on our own two feet!

the rest of the day went by pretty quickly, it seems. most importantly, as soon as i got home i saw the most beautiful creation of my ever life sitting in the grass between our house + the neighbors next door...

my dream bike!! isn't she a beauty? (: there was a neighborhood-wide garage sale going on + our neighbors said this bike used to be one of their kids'... from the early 90s or so. just wait til i fix her up! i'm going to get some new handlebars, tires + a basket for the front and then she'll be all set to go out to byu with me in the fall! ayayaya!

the rest of the day was work work working down at the faaaarm, aka bob evans with the a-team: sarahdill, johnny the lion + a few others. got off + came right home and fell asleep shortly after..

sunday was a happy day! went to the single's ward for the first time since i've been back, then came home + ate lunch with mama, danoo + westley and proceeded to take a two-and-a-half-hour-long nap... just love sundays (: woke up to hang out/eat dinner with the fam, visit sister case with daddy and then come home to finish off the rest of the night. an overall nice and relaxing sabbath day. there's no reason that this shouldn't be a stellar week!


it's friday, friday

what a fun day! i was up the night before until like 4am.. whoopsie.. so i woke up at noon but that's like eight hours of sleep so that's healthy, right?

my early afternoon[/technically late morning for me since i just barely woken up and all] consisted of THIS:

YUMMM. just love super huge chocolate chips.
grabbed some graeter's ice cream in the with the one and only sarah reilly! hadn't seen her in like a year and a half... it was a much needed reunion. we grabbed our kid's cones of [white] mint choc chip + black raspberry chip, respectively, and had a good long catch-up chat for an hour or so (:

she had a minor mishap when she originally got her cone.. hence the bowl. i promise she really did have a cute little kid's cone like me before.

it was sososo fun to talk + catch up on life and reminisce a little bit too (: she's going off to italy for the next six weeks.. have so much fun girl!

i came home after and caught up on the first half of the office season finale [still haven't seen the second half.. i don't know what's wrong with me] while the men of the house packed up for their camping trip!

so tender. they left around five and then it was time for girl's night out to commence!

mama + i headed to steak & shake [where else?] for our pre-movie dinner. we were lucky enough to have this pretty girl as our waitress:

gracie mccutiepants. good old theatre friends from scioto (: and yes, the service was excellent, thank you very much.

mama got enough extra whipped cream on her shake to feed a family of six for a day.

..and that was after she had eaten some off the top. it was huge, i'm telling ya.

then i went crazy and tried something new from the menu instead of my usual fried chicken strips with fries + caramel sauce... if you know me, you know how huge of a deal this is for me. i never never never try new things on menus - i have a staple meal picked out at each restaurant i have gone to since i was like five years old [yes, i only just recently weaned myself off of getting the kid's pancakes at bob evans]. but i was feeling adventurous today so...

i got the new steak & shake royale steakburger- bacon, cheese, steak, lettuce, mayo + fried egg, all piled together between two delicious buns. holy yum. i got so full so quickly though... and that's when my mama pointed out that it was a double steakburger... i quickly fixed that and attempted to finish the rest. so delicious. 

then mama + i were off to the movies to wait in line for a date with this beautiful man:

yesss, we saw pirates of the caribbean 4: on stranger tides!! it was fantastic: the theatre was packed and everyone gasped + laughed + sighed with relief at all the right times simultaneously... aka my favorite kind of movie experience (: oh, and the movie was beyond stellar, as well! the mermaids were a bit on the psychotic side... but it was a great story overall. can't wait for the fifth (;

if you haven't see it yet, watch this. now. then go to see it immediately. well worth your time + money, i promise!


this past week;

has gone by so fast! i honestly cannot hardly believe that i've been out of school for over a MONTH and now i've been home for over two weeks! crazy crazy time is flyiiiiing. i gotta get started on my tan.. OH WAIT it's been monsooning in ohio for the past week straight. maybe summertime will finally begin once memorial day hits.. fingers crossed.

this week has been filled with a bunch of working + fambam time + sleeping at all sorts of odd hours.

tuesday night we got to go to danman's band concert! too bad the trumpeteers sit so far back that you could hardly pick him out of the lineup... ten points if you can find him.

[hint: he's in the center of the picture]

he did soso well! this kiddo is heading for great things, lemme tell ya. 

wednesday was work work more working.
thursday = [you guessed it!] MORE WORK. but not until i went out for the morning to hang out at the doctor's office with mama and then we went to one of my all-time favorite places.. the polaris mall! with my all-time favorite store..

the two-story forever 21 store! lovelovelove.
...minus the fact that i didn't end up buying anything from there.. whoops (: but i got some cute stuff from charlotte russe! another favorite for sure.

mama + i then enjoyed a super-yummy lunch at my #1 fave mall eatery..

steak escape! om nom. yes i did eat all that. delish.

i came home and ended up taking a three hour nap... i really gotta work on my sleeping schedule i guess.

work was pretty slow. but it was fun to hang out + close with sarah dill + josh! meaning eat the most delicious chocolate cake of our ever lives... minus the hershey's cake they used to have, of course.


after work, i went bowling on a whim.. and bowled over 100 for the first time ever!

yes, i did go bowling myself. it was kind of on impulse. and it was awesome.
+ i ended up with a 101! i just didn't end up getting a picture because the screen blanked out at the end all of a sudden.. lame. i did get two strikes though (: and a few spares! i also made a new friend. his name is clay and he's a bowling league-r. clearly i impressed him with my stellar bowling skills so he couldn't help himself coming over and talking to me.. 

great end to a fun week (: meaning it's friday and i'll write about [technically speaking] today later. xox.

first week back in ohio = success.

it's crazy that i've already been home for so long. weird.

then i promise i'll get on to regular/daily/somewhatmoreoften blogging, deal?

last thursday mama + i spent the morning together first babysitting this adorable little girl that is practically my niece and then going shopping out after!

later on, i went on a little trip to DQ for some soft-serve.

YUMMM. sorry i was too hungry to take a picture before it was 3/4 eaten.. whoops.
guess who i went to eat with?!


he is just so good at making the best faces ahahaha

we had fun bike riding/roller-blading around before and after...

and then roller-biking after!

best. idea. ever.

gosh i love this kiddo.

later that night we went to the dublin art center museum with the rest of the family to look at their district exhibit.

super fun! didn't get any pictures of artwork though... whoops again. guess this outdoor statue picture will have to do.

i dare you not to laugh at daniel's face.

then we went out to the dam that we have here in dublin/over in powell! apparently.

super pretty. and super huge.

(: love my family. ended the night (or maybe this was a few nights later.. it's hard to keep track of everything that happened over a week ago but i think it was a different night) with col coming over + teaching daniel some ab workouts..

love these boyssss. SO INTENSE. tomorrow/aka later today will begin the regular posting. promise (:
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