a wee bit belated, but happy 50th, daddy! (:

i know it's almost a month late (whoops!) but better late than never, right? (:

here is the reader's digest version (mostly illustrated with a million pictures, so brace yourselves!) of the wonderful weekend (3/11- 3/13) we enjoyed all together to celebrate the 50th birthday of our loving daddy, husband, son, grandpa, uncle, brother-in-law, etc. of stephen arthur kron!

first we traveled by plane (ruth, drew + i) alllll the way from salt lake city, utah to dayton, ohio with this little bug, enjoying rocking out to music and meeting new bunny friends along the way:

then once we arrived and sufficiently surprised daddy + dandanoo with special help from mama, we slept the night through and just hung out together on friday.. and i snuck away for a quick hour to say hello to/surprise a few of my best friends (:

(note: i did see colin as well, but my camera died before we got a chance to get a picture! sad day.)

then we proceeded to have a yummy family dinner at max & erma's (because we all know it would've ended up being there or bob evan's no matter how long we debated it..):

we also enjoyed spending a lot of time with baby d.. if you can't tell.. from baths to arm-sucking and everything in between:

we slept some more and woke up on saturday morning (birthday!) and went right to work celebrating for the big extended family party that would happen that night. daniel, of course (with his many goofy faces) was the life of the party (or at least that's what the pictures say..):

of course, no kron family weekend (or any kind of gathering) is complete without a slew of sibling pictures...

with a side of carerra girls pictures...

the stars of the party were, of course, mama rica (for putting together this wonderful surprise weekend!):

aaaaand the man of honor, mr. birthday boy himself! (:

i love my parents sososo much. aren't they the cutest?

besides, they are not only the best parents in the universe but theeee best grandparents, too! not to mention the best looking grandparents, out there (;

i love my family so incredibly much. thank goodness i get to be stuck with them for eternity (;

what a stellar weekend! i hope you had a fantastic + happy birthday daddy! from all of us (:

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