march in review!

gogogo. do you trust me? tough love/IN-N-OUT (: diiiiiirty dancing, how i never watched you before?! climbing queen. celery = yum (: run it girl. what the scotch. geterdone. ohiobound! (: familypalooza. happy 50th daddy! (: back to ptown. team emily! sickypoo. skyview terrace, here we come! (: holy headache. one hundred dresses, all lined up. SARA(H)^2 REUNITED IN PROVO! naps + buckeyes. WANDAAAA + I MADE BYU'S YOUNG COMPANY!! :D :D :D chomp chomp. pretty.little.LIARS. once a coug, always a coug  still love my buckeyes  brain fest. backongtraaack. holy procrastination. misslazypants. [not so] easily persuaded. bestandbrightestday. EVER!

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