day zero goal #90 - go barefoot for a day!

april 4, 2011 - meet one day without shoes!

it was fantastic, to say the least. a bit chilly in the morning and a little difficult to walk on the gravel in the parking lot, but besides that it was so nice to feel the grass between my toes and walk barefoot all around campus (: thank goodness i had at least one friend do it with me, miss micaela jean:

the only time i am guilty of wearing anything on my feet at all during that day was for exactly seven minutes when i had to perform my final scene for my tma 123 acting class!

j is for jojoba.. in case you're wondering.. it'll make sense if you watch our scene (: i'll put it up here as soon as it uploads on youtube!

mercedes (lady on my left) was a stellar scene partner.. i couldn't have asked for anyone better to work with all semester! we were sisters in the scene... yet somehow i was cast as the older sister? i guess there's a first time for everything!

later on i had the treat of going to zupa's with some of my favorite ladies before we all went to a documentary screening at byu.. all that was missing was our famous anna carrera!

i got my all-time fave meal at my all-time fave place (that's zupa's, in case you hadn't noticed..)

just slightly excited to eat my nuts about berries salad + tomato basil soup.. om nom.

baby d had a party as well eating all kinds of our yummy food..

we also had a blast taking some bff shots on the way to campus..

and look! my feet were hardly dirty by the end of my barefooted day!

can't wait for one day without shoes 2012 (:


  1. we have the same favorite meal at the same favorite restaurant. just so sisters sometimes. congrats on the no-shoes day ( :

  2. I really liked reading this post and your pictures look great.

    1. Did you participate in One Day Without Shoes again in 2012 and will you in 2013? It sounds like a worthwhile cause. Did anyone ask you and your friend why you were barefoot or give you any trouble over it?

    2. Thanks! I did participate in 2012...just didn't take any photos (oops!). I definitely plan on being a part of it in 2014. It definitely draws attention to itself (not wearing shoes, especially around campus), but it provides a way to bring up the cause and spread awareness. (: No real trouble, though. Just support!

  3. You really CAN go barefoot on other days, too. :) It's actually much healthier than wearing shoes everyday.


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