woke up, fell out of bed..

what a stellar day.

i think it's more fun to blog when there are pictures involved.
so begins my [hopefully maybe somewhat someday eventually] daily photo journal/blog (:

my day started with my 9am-11am acting class.. acting fundamentals 123. probably my favorite way to start my day, every tues/thurs. we do crazy things like act out scenes and dramatize monologues and improvise tasks like changing lightbulbs and other fun things that help us become better actors [and laugh at each other] and all that jazz.

then later at 11:55am this morning my roommate micaela + i participated in this huge event thing they were having right outside of the wilk. this week is care week at byu, and today was all about caring/reaching out to people who have suffered abuse. or at least something along those lines. so at 11:55am there were probably over 100 purple balloons released into the air to spread awareness. mega cool.

the truth is that when micae + i walked out of the hfac and saw a bunch of people handing out free purple balloons in the middle of the quad, i knew i had to get one. it was sad to let it go just minutes later but obviously it was for a good cause (:

my day went on and i saw a stellar 40-minute mask club stage production of the princess bride and then went off to work at the testing center until just before seven o'clock. then jared invited me to go out to in-n-out with him + jeff + dan. i hadn't been there in over a year (!!) crazy, right? and i like all of those guys, too. so of course i said yes! 

to say i was incredibly excited was probably an understatement.

that double-double + classic neapolitan shake was gone within the next few moments.

love these boys.

all in all, a pretty grand day.
tomorrow = friday! whoop whoop whoop.

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