today was a day just like any other.

last night i read this right before i went to bed:

and then i got really sad.

don't get me wrong, i absolutely love to run. i've just had absolutely zero time in the past week and half to even take a nice, casual walk, between being sick and going to work, school, church, rehearsals and shows. i love all of these things, it's just that i've definitely noticed that something's been missing in my life. i figured that i just needed to finish this busy week out and then i'd finally have time to get back in the groove of things and go for a run on monday.

then i went to bed.

and then i woke up. and the day just kept getting better and better!

here's the reader's digest version of what all went down [in no particular order]:
*performing both of my monologues in acting and feeling better about them than i ever have before
*finally finishing my mcethics essay for a scholarship
*finally submitting the aforementioned scholarship application in the nick of time
*retaking my d&c exam and raising my grade significantly
*purchasing a beautiful sweet sixteen sweatshirt to symbolize my eternal love for my cougs 
*going to work and getting off early because no one was coming in to take tests
*volunteering extra hours working on hair + makeup/hanging out with the cast of persuasion
*getting to play hairdresser and realize my dreams of going to hair school as i washed and styled the makeup designer's hair for extra lab hours (:
*officially selling my contract for the entire summer while i'll be home in ohio
*getting to skype dandanoo + mama for awhile (see below)

*mama + dk then proceeded to look through my fb album of picture from daddy's birthday weekend and "like" about fifty of them (again, see below haha)

aaand to top off my absolutely perfectionary day..
*I GOT TO GO FOR A RUN!! a nice three-miler, outside in the breathtakingly gorgeous day, all because i was able to get out of work early because everyone else was (being intelligent!) and taking advantage of the gorgeous weather outside, too, instead of taking tests (:

i. am. blessed. enough said (:

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