sara(h) trouble, make it double!

so this weekend the lovely SARA HOWLEY WHITACRE arrived in provo, utah! whooop whoop! we have been best friends since the lovely 1st grade with mrs. reynolds. ever since we decided we were twins and decided at recess to switch places the rest of the day on our first day of school... it was fate. we were meant to be. 

we have been through soso much together over the years, from marching band and color guard to basement redecorating and cedar point road trips.. so here is a little mini blast from the past before i continue because pictures are just so much more fun to look at, right?! ps they are in no specific order, just a bunch from high school mostly (because all our older pictures are on fbook and i am on a facebook fast until tomorrow so these will have to do!):

SO BASICALLY sara has never ever been to utah (or out west.. or anywhere really in the world besides ohio and texas..) so she was SO EXCITED even just to see mountains FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER EVER LIFE. see?

she got to provo a bit before 2pm (thanks to my lovely older sister ruth for picking her up at the airport while i was at callbacks for a young company show!) and we packed just about as much as was possible into the rest of that day. meaning starting right off with lunch at ZUPAS. yumm. sara took pictures there though because i forgot my camera so those picture will come later. however, here are delicious pictures of what i got (the usual):

tomato basil soup

+ nuts about berries salad (YUM.)

yumyumyumyum. favorite. restaurant. EVER.

the rest of the day was spent in this order:

(no picture provided.. the drooling was a little too much for public display)

watching byu dominate gonzaga and go onto the sweet sixteen!
thank you, jimmer.

stuffing our faces (for sara's first time) at in-n-out!

we had lots of fun putting these little puzzles together that they gave us while we patiently waited

and this little boy from the booth behind us just couldn't keep his eyes off of us so naturally we had to get a picture of him...

then we went to deseret industries (more popularly known around here as DI)

aaaand then we rounded out the night by going to sammy's.. YUMM

banana cream pie shake + oreo chocolate pie shake = YUM.

the rest of the night we just hung out then we were all in bed by like 11:30pm. WEIRD. we're never in bed that early..

sunday was church from 9am-12pm then we took a nap and went over to ruth's house to watch the osu game (which osu DOMINATED george mason.. no big deal or anything..) and eat some delicious food! sadly though we didn't take any pictures at all on sunday, except for when sara + i skyped my ohio family (mama, daddy + dandanoo!). so here's the one picture from sunday to balance out the overload from saturday (: haha.

i took lots of pictures today (monday) and we had lots of fun but i think there are enough pictures/stories here to last for at least one more day. so, until tomorrow! (:

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  1. hah...glad you did all the important things in utah (zupas -- WITH MY FAVORITE MEAL -- in-n-out and sammy's)

    you've got your priorities in order ( :


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