run it, baby.

so yesterday morning was the run for red 5k that i did with ruth + baby d [her first run with her new bob jogging stroller!]. 

slash ruth's first race with her bob jogger = baby d's first official race! he just loved being all bundled up. can't you tell?!

it was actually a super fun race and located right here inside provo starting at independence high school so we actually saw a lot of friends there!

we met up with ruth's fellow baby-jogger/work friend cassidy + cassidy's sister-in-law before the race.

and i met up with some of my friends after! including ari - the girl i dressed up as the crocodile/nana the dog in peter pan!

can't you see the resemblance?!

love her. we both just love to run and didn't know each other was running this race but it was fun to see each other after!

i also saw my friend brandon. which is actually a funny story because as we were running [it was an out-and-back trail] there were all the super-fast boys running past us on the opposite side of the trail on the last leg of the race. then all of a sudden i see a boy run by that i recognize and i yelled "brandon! you hate running!" which is funny because he really doesn't like to run yet he was just leisurely jogging his way ahead onto the finish. he's pretty cool too. even though he refused to smile in a picture with me.

ruth + baby d + i stuck around after the race to eat yummy pancake breakfast and hear awards and such.. which basically = playing with baby d so that he stays happy for another hour.

but really what kept him interested was the actual act of taking pictures of him. the camera just loves this little guy.

we ended up doing pretty well in the race, especially considering the fact that we were stuck behind a slew of walkers and slow-joggers for the first leg of the race. we had to try skipping around the people who wouldn't move out of our way by going into the grass/gravel around the trail.. poor baby d hahah. but he lived.. and ended up happy as can be because he got to eat pancakes and puffs post-race with two rock-star runners!

the first number is our placing overall among the women in the 5k, then our bib numbers, age, placing in age group, and time. i think it came out to about a 8:34 mile, which is pretty good considering our circumstances. next race will be better (:

happy utah racing family (:


  1. ahaha love those first two pictures of dustbuster. so proud of you both!

  2. i definately just stole all those pictures to re-blog them :) also, that first pic of dustin is HILARIOUS!!! poor guy, he looked so miserable until post-race!

    aaaaand did you notice how you and i look scary twinnerish in those two pics of me&dustin and you&dustin? we have really similar profiles/hair i cant believe i never noticed!

  3. hahaha that's true! everyone always tells me we look a lot alike.. its ruth/sarah + anna/daniel forever + ever ever (: just love family


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